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Saturday, 8 May 2010

Taiwan Research Scholar Fellowship is now open for application

Below is the translated text from http://sinchew.com.my/node/159860?tid=1

(Kuala Lumpur) Taiwan Ministry of Foreign Affairs to encourage around the world to Taiwan, China and the Asia-Pacific region and other regional issues and are interested in Chinese studies scholars to Taiwan universities or academic institutions, research institutions, to promote academic and cultural exchanges, especially in the beginning of this year arrange the "Research Scholar Fellowship" program.
Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Malaysia, said, "Taiwan Research Scholar Fellowship," welcome national university professor, associate professor, assistant professor, doctoral candidate and academic institutions with the level of research staff to Taiwan universities and colleges or research institutions research, the Ministry of economy class return air ticket, monthly during the study period in Taiwan, as well as the insurance amount of subsidy of NT 1 million yuan of accidental injury and medical insurance.
One of subsidy is divided into two, are professors, associate professors, researchers and those who associate level, the monthly subsidy of NT 60,000 yuan (about RM 6,000 RM); is Assistant Professor, research assistant and doctoral level candidates who month of NT 50,000 yuan (about RM 5,000 RM), subject to grant a minimum period of 3 months to 1 year up to a maximum of very generous terms.
The next applications starting from October
Who are interested in academic research in Taiwan application shall be prepared application form, resume and list of publications, research projects, by local universities or research institutions agreed to come to Taiwan to study the written documents and letters of recommendation, etc., in 5 from 5 to 30 June and 1 October to 15 November two hours, to the office to apply.

Sin Chew Daily ‧ 2010.05.08

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