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Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Jom Masuk U!

Get to know more about these details by log in to this website: http://upu.mohe.gov.my/  You'll stand a higher chance to get in to local universities!

Semakan Keputusan Permohonan Kemasukan Ke IPTA Sesi Akademik 2010/2011 :
>> Lepasan SPM/Setaraf : Awal Mei 2010
>> Lepasan STPM/Setaraf : Akhir Jun 2010

Semakan panggilan Temu Duga (Bukan Pendidikan) Kategori Lepasan SPM/Setaraf dan STPM/Setaraf

Semakan Syarat Kemasukan Ke IPTA Bagi Lepasan SPM/Setaraf

Tarikh-tarikh Penting Permohonan Kemasukan Ke IPTA Bagi Sesi Akademik 2010/2011


Monday, 26 April 2010

Top 10 reasons for select IMU for medicine

1. You can’t get into a local universities. UM, UKM, UPM,……. You need perfect score of STPM of 5A, 4A
2. You don’t want to go other private medical school
3. You want to do a twinning program, to UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand
4. IMU is the most established private medical school in Malaysia. Yup, IMU is 15 years-old.
5. IMU is the”CHEAPEST” private medical school. Yes, despite, the latest tuitions fees is around RM333 for those to who complete the program locally. Other Manipal, Penang Medical College cost a lot more. Anyway, you can try PTPTN (HREF) for financing.
6. You scared of seeing cadaver. IMU is using plastic modal for the study of anatomy. There is no dissection.
7. You don’t want to go to Russia, Ukraine, India, Indonesia for your medical studies.
8. Your results not good enough for local medical school
9. You are a UEC scholar (independent Chinese School examination). Yes, IMU welcome UEC students. They do it quit well in the school
10. After-all, IMU have pretty strong academic staffs. Many of them were retired professors from Local Universities and ministry of health
11. IMU have a very good website. Http://www.imu.edu.my
12. You want to become a doctor as soon as possible. Yes, you can try this route. SAM for 1 years, IMU for five years. You can become a doctor at age of 23/24.
13. You had missed the change of study medicine. Now you felt like you have the desire to save the world, you think you can be a better doctor than the GP who speed 1 minutes for the consultation. Then you can choose IMU or other colleges to realizing your dream.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Open University Malaysia

Faculties and Academic Programmes

OUM has established five faculties offering programmes in various disciplines that are relevant to the current and emerging trends in the industry. Each programme undergoes a series of stringent quality checks ranging from curriculum design, content and assessment methods.

The curriculum design is undertaken by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in the respective fields and verified by the Senate, comprising members of the academia as well as professionals from the industry. The syllabus of the programmes are frequently reviewed to reflect changes that occur in technology and new industrial practices. Each programme is approved by the National Accreditation Board prior to being offered to the public.

OUM Support Centres

Apart from the faculties, OUM has established five centres and an institute to complement and support the delivery of its academic programmes.

Learning Centres

Apart from its main campus situated at Jalan Tun Ismail, Kuala Lumpur, OUM has established a strong network of learning centres nationwide and also uses facilities at selected public and private institutions of higher learning. These learning centres are strategically located at major cities and towns, from Peninsular Malaysia to Sabah and Sarawak.

Currently, OUM has 53 Learning Centres nationwide. The Learning Centres are managed by a team of administrators. As part of the learning environment infrastructure, OUM’s Learning Centres are fully equipped with tutorial rooms, computer laboratories, library and Internet facilities.

Accreditation of the Programmes by MQA

OUM is pleased to announce that the following programmes have been fully accredited by LAN/MQA

List of Programmes Version
Diploma in Information Technology
Diploma in Management
Diploma in Civil Engineering
Diploma in Electrical Engineering
Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
Diploma in Human Resource Management
Diploma in Technology Management

Bachelor of Information Technology with Honours

Bachelor of Management with Honours

Bachelor of Business Administration with Honours

Bachelor of Information Technology & Management with Honours

Bachelor of Multimedia Communication with Honours

Bachelor of Education (Civil Engineering) with Honours

Bachelor of Education (Mechanical Engineering) with Honours

Bachelor of Education (Electrical Engineering) with Honours

Bachelor of Education (TESL) with Honours

Bachelor of Education (Science) with Honours

Bachelor of Education (Mathematics) with Honours

Bachelor of Human Resource Management with Honours

Bachelor of Mathematics with Information Technology with Honours

Bachelor of Teachership (Arabic Language) with Honours

Bachelor of Teachership (Chinese Language) with Honours

Bachelor of Teachership (Malay Language) with Honours

Bachelor of Teachership (Tamil Language) with Honours

Bachelor of Teachership (Islamic Education) with Honours

Bachelor of Teachership (Physical Education) with Honours

Bachelor of Teachership (Special Education) with Honours

Bachelor of Teachership (Music Education) with Honours

Bachelor of Teachership (Social Studies) with Honours

Bachelor of Teachership (Pre-School Education) with Honours

Bachelor of Teachership (Visual Art Education) with Honours

Bachelor of Nursing Science with Honours

Bachelor of Technology Management with Honours

Bachelor of Mathematics and Management with Honours

Master of Science (Engineering)
Master of Business Administration

Master of Information Technology

Master of Management

Master of Environmental Science (Integrated Water Resources Management)

Master of Education

Master of Multimedia Communication

For further details please visit http://oum.edu.my/

Friday, 23 April 2010

USA university Selection Tips June 2010

The Malaysian-American Commission on Educational Exchange (MACEE) is offering a 90-minute program to help you prepare for selecting and applying for admission to universities and colleges in the United States.

The USA is noted for its excellent educational system and facilities, as well as for its diversity. With over 4000 choices of colleges and universities, how do I find ones that are best for me?

Learn more about:
• Factors you should consider when selecting universities
• Practical Tips for University Selection
• Practical Tips for Applying to US Colleges and Universities

Presenters: Jay Getz - Director AICP, (BA English, Master of Urban Planning), and MACEE advisers.

Goal: After attending this workshop, students will better understand the process of university selection and application for admission.

Venue: MACEE Office, 18th Floor, Menara Yayasan Tun Razak, 200, Jln. Tun Razak, KL

Cost: There is NO FEE, but you must sign up to attend this workshop.

Date: Tuesday, June 1st

Time: 2:00pm-3:30pm

Interested? Sign up by phone (03-2166-8878) or submit online registration to MACEE: yati@macee.org.my by Wednesday, May 26 2010 with these information.

I plan to begin my studies in the USA in: (month)___ (year)____

If you have any questions, please contact yati@macee.org.my or call 2166-8878.

A-Levels Duration : 11 months or 18 months, which is better?

We got this answer from Edexcel (www.edexcel.com):

An A-Level is an A- Level, the candidate can complete the course in 2 or 3 moths is they want to. The standard time frame in Malaysia is 18 months as teachers and students will have more in deep of study and understanding of the subject. Normally, candidates who does the 1 year (11 months) course can't perform as good as those on 18 months course.

Quoted from:Afterschool.my

Thursday, 22 April 2010

HSBC Classics Bursary 2010

HSBC Classics Bursary 2010 is open to Malaysians aged 25 and below who have been accepted by an internationally recognised music / performing arts school / college or music department of a recognised university.CLOSING DATE for applications is 31 May 2010.
Download the HSBC Classics Bursary 2010 application form from:

The TITIJAYA Sscholarship Fund

We at TITIJAYA strongly believe in that people are the most important resources in building an excellent organization. Continuing with the Group's philosophy of best practices, TITIJAYA is inviting Malaysian students with a positive attitude and leadership qualities who intend to pursue a fulltime first degree in any of the following discipline to apply for the TITIJAYA Scholarship Fund.

Preferred Discipline for Scholarship includes:
Civil Engineering / M & E Engineering / Housing, Building & Property
Architectural / Building Surveying / Quantity Surveying
Accountancy & Finance / Business Administration
Marketing & Sales / Computer Studies

Selection Criteria:
Malaysian citizen.
Age 21 years old or below
Good academic results in SPM / STPM
Not presently holding other scholarship / loans (Including PTPTN).
Has gained acceptance into local public universities
Value of Scholarship:
Scholarship amounting to RM 3, 000 per year for Certificates students.
Scholarship amounting to RM 4, 000 per year for Diploma students.
Scholarship amounting to RM 6, 000 per year for Degree students.
For a maximum of 4 years or minimum period required by the scholars to complete the course, which ever earlier.

Service Bond
Successful applicants will be required to serve TITIJAYA GROUP OF COMPANIES for a minimum of 2 years upon completion of their studies.

How to apply?
Submit the Scholarship Application Form giving full personal and academic particulars, substantiated certified copy of actual examination results, parents' salary slip/Income Tax statement, Letter of acceptance issued by local universities and other relevant documents to:

The Scholarship Committee
Titijaya Group of Companies
Level 3, First Tower, Jalan Meru, 41050 Klang,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Tel: 03-3341 1111 Fax: 03-3341 0694

for further details please visit http://www.titijaya.com.my/index.php?p=scholarship

Another Tips for Interview Preparation

I know some if not most of you would be nervous if you can face an interview or not. A 10-minutes interview would feel like a 10-hours interview if you keep on getting nervous, or worst if you panicked out. Therefore, I really suggest you to get ready for these 'confrontations' as its probably the most important part of getting a scholarship. Once your application is accepted, they won't judge you by your marks or grades anymore. Its YOU they're gonna judge. So be prepared inside and out! These are some links that I have researched which contains high quality words of knowledge to successfully pull an interview. So, good luck!

http://bhuvans.wordpress.com/2006/08/19/50-common-interview-qa/ (for Q&As)
http://jobsearch.about.com/od/interviewquestionsanswers/a/interviewquest.htm (more Q&As)
http://jobsearch.about.com/cs/interviews/a/aceinterview.htm (this is good but its more for jobs interview. worth a read though)
http://www.articlesgarage.com/college-scholarship-interview-tips-for-success/ (for what to wear, but its written by a non-muslim i think. so for the ladies part, er you know)
http://www.ehow.co.uk/how_2126254_prepare-college-scholarship-interview.html (bullet-style articles. good read. simple and compact)
http://www.scholarshippreparations.com/how-to-give-a-great-scholarship-interview (good tips before, and during interviews)

Quoted from http://spmleavers.blogspot.com 

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Check the application status of UNIKL now!

The results for the application status of UNIKL is out now!If you did applied,please check your application status now here:http://admission.unikl.edu.my/
Just key in your NRIC number and check.

You will receive a call and letter from UNIKL if you're shortlisted.

(Malaysian Applicants Only).
Date of result release as follows:
Foundation: 8 April 2010
UniKL MIAT: 15 May 2010
UniKL MIMET:15 May 2010
MBBS Programme: 21 June 2010
Other Diploma/Bachelor: 15 April 2010

Address :
Universiti Kuala Lumpur (UniKL)
1016, Jalan Sultan Ismail
50250 Kuala Lumpur
Wilayah Persekutuan
Tel : 03-2175 4031
Fax : 03-2175 4001
Website : http://www.unikl.edu.my
Contact Person :
Puan Adibah
(Senior Manager)

Check application status of UNIRAZAK now!

The results for the application status of UNIRAZAK is out now!If you did applied,please check your application status now here:http://www.unirazak.edu.my/prospective_students/prospective.htm?prospective_apply.htm

You will receive a call and letter from UNIRAZAK if you're shortlisted.

Quote from UNIRAZAK webpage:


For further details on your application status, you may click on the 'Acknowledgement Letter'. The letter will explain to you on current status of your application and the action that need to be taken by applicant (if applicable) . Please proceed until you get this final notification:


Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Astro Scholarship 2010

Astro Scholarship 2010 is now open for Malaysian students who wish to study at local or foreign universities. Scholarships will be awarded for young Malaysians to pursue areas of studies related to the media and broadcasting industry in local universities or foreign universities and colleges recognised by JPA (Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam Malaysia). These include: Engineering, Multimedia, Broadcasting, Mass Communications, Dramatic Art such as acting, stage design, and film production, as well as Computer Graphics.

Fields of Study
Undergraduate Degrees in Malaysia
Bachelor of Engineering and Computer Graphics
Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia, Broadcasting, Mass Communications

Undergraduate Degrees Overseas
Bachelor of Dramatic Art (Acting, Design, Production) in National Institute of Dramatic Art, Australia (NIDA) or any other reputable school of dramatic art
Bachelor of Engineering and Computer Graphics

Be Malaysians who are 25 or younger in age.
Be Astro subscriber or is the spouse or child of the subscriber who has maintained good payment record for 12 months or more
Good result in STPM / O-Level / A-Level / Matriculation / or equivalent
Enrolling in a university recognised by JPA.
The applicant must not be bonded to other institutions or organisations.

Value of Scholarship
Bursary value ranges from RM8,000 per year for scholars pursuing a degree course in Malaysia to RM150,000 per year for scholars studying overseas. It covers tuition, living expenses, air travel where warranted and insurance.

An Astro scholar is expected to serve Astro or its related organisations for 3 years for if you apply for a local scholarship and 5 years if you apply for a foreign scholarship. This way, the scholars will pursue his or her degree with a clear vision of employment opportunity.

How to Apply
The Astro Scholarship application must be submitted online at ASTRO Portal(http://www.astro.com.my/astrolife/scholarship/default.asp )
. No mail-in application will be accepted.

30 April 2010

Monday, 19 April 2010

Sorry for the mis-implementation of ads

Really sorry for the mis-implementation of advertisements containing sexually explicit material.Our readers must be very surprised to see such advertisements appears at our website,especially it's Scholarshipages.It's because the ads is embbed by third party without our acknowledgement.This is part of  our fault too,and we promise this type of ads will not appear in our website anymore.We apologised for our fault,and for your information,we already removed the ads(called related information,which is at the footer of the website) on 19.4.2010.So,we apologised once again,and we really really hope our readers forgive us.We will create our terms of service and privacy policy to protect our readers.They will be out real soon.

Scholarshipages promises would not implement advertisements that contain any material which is defamatory of any person, corporation or other body in the future that:

• Contain any material which is obscene, offensive, hateful or inflammatory

• Promote sexually explicit material

• Promote violence

• Promote discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age

• Infringe any copyright, database right or trade mark of any other person

• Be likely to deceive any person

• Be made in breach of any legal duty owed to a third party, such as a contractual duty or a duty of confidence

• Promote any illegal activity

• Be threatening, abuse or invade another’s privacy, or cause annoyance, inconvenience or needless anxiety

• Be likely to harass, upset, embarrass, alarm or annoy any other person

• Be used to impersonate any person, or to misrepresent your identity or affiliation with any person

• Give the impression that they emanate from us, if this is not the case

• Advocate, promote or assist any unlawful act such as (by way of example only) copyright infringement or computer misuse

Don't worry,you still can appeal for matriculation.

My friend ask me to help her to check her matriculation results online.She checked via sms,but the results stated there:SHE DIN'T GET IT.So,she ask for my help.This is what happen when i typed in her IC number and i get the pages results.It appears like this:


Anda membuat semakan menggunakan No Kad pengenalan 92XXXX08XXXX

Dengan dukacitanya dimaklumkan, anda tidak berjaya.

Sekiranya ingin membuat rayuan sila KLIK di bawah.

Anda boleh membuat rayuan sebelum atau pada 30 APRIL 2010

Nama: XXXX

No Kad Pengenalan: 92XXXX08XXXX

Kursus Layak Merayu: SAINS /  PERAKAUNAN


1. Anda layak merayu kursus yang tertera di atas sahaja berdasarkan keputusan peperiksaan anda.

2. Bahagian Matrikulasi, KPM hanya mengguna pakai rayuan yang dilakukan secara dalam talian.

Saya bersetuju dengan syarat-syarat yang dinyatakan di atas.

Keputusan rayuan akan diumumkan pada 24 MEI 2010.


Advice From Scholarshipages
So,don't be dissapointed if you din't get to the matriculation.The chance of appealing for that is there.Don't be worry,and hopefully you did get through it.So,check out Scholarshipages for more details about scholarships,and we wish you good luck for that.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

FAQ regarding matriculation 2010

1. Bilakah surat tawaran akan dihantar ?
Surat tawaran dari Bahagian Matrikulasi boleh di muat turun dan dicetak oleh pelajar dari laman web Bahagian Matrikulasi ( http://www.moe.gov.my/bmkpm).
Surat tawaran kolej akan dihantar 2 minggu sebelum hari pendaftaran.
Surat tawaran akan dihantar dari kolej pada 20 April 2010 (Selasa).

2. Bilakah tarikh pendaftaran sesi 2010 / 2011?
Pendaftaran ambilan pertama pelajar baru bagi program 1 tahun dijangka pada 10 Mei 2010 (Isnin).

3. Saya menerima 2 surat tawaran, yang manakah menjadi rujukan?
Surat tawaran dari Bahagian Matrikulasi (salinan perlu di tampal dalam buku dokumen pelajar).
Sila bawa kedua – dua surat tersebut semasa pendaftaran.

4. Bagaimana prosedur pendaftaran dilakukan?
Rujuk carta aliran

5. Apakah barang keperluan yang dibawa semasa hari pendaftaran?
Rujuk senarai semak

6. Anda menerima jawapan dari sistem SMS, tetapi tidak mendapat surat tawaran?
Kemungkinan alamat yang diberikan tidak lengkap atau anda berpindah.
Sila telefon pihak kolej untuk bantuan dan kepastian.

7. Apakah tindakan segera yang perlu dilakukan apabila mendapat tawaran?
Rujuk senarai semak

8. Apakan keperluan minimum peribadi yang perlu dibawa?

Pelajar Lelaki

1. Kemeja berlengan panjang 3 helai
2. Seluar panjang (slack) berwarna gelap 3 helai
3 .Tali Leher 1 helai
4 .Baju Melayu (Pelajar Islam) 1 pasang
5 .Songkok(Hitam Sahaja – Pelajar Islam) 1 buah
6 .Pakaian Sembahyang(Pelajar Islam) 2 pasang
7 .Baju T berkolar 3 helai
8 .Selimut 1 helai
9 .Kasut / PVC 1 pasang
10. Kasut Sukan 1 pasang
11 .Sarung kaki 3 pasang
12 .Seluar trek 2 helai
13 .Sarung bantal dan cadar tambahan 1 pasang
14 .Keperluan peribadi yang lain

Pelajar perempuan
1 .Pakaian (baju kurung) 3 pasang
2 .Pakaian Sembahyang (Pelajar Islam) 2 pasang
3 .Baju T berkolar dan berlengan panjang serta item 8 – 14 seperti untuk pelajar lelaki

Quoted from http://pengurusanpelajar.kmk.matrik.edu.my/?page_id=227

Download the Panduan Persediaan Pelajar Baru Matrikulasi

Brochure ini merupakan maklumat kemasukan ke Program Matrikulasi, senarai kolej, Jurusan dan segala macam perkara asas tentang Program Matrikulasi Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia.

You can download the Panduan Persediaan Pelajar Baru Matrikulasi here:

Status of recognition of matriculation 2010

Afraid to get in matriculation because of the status of recognition?Actually,the fact is,our Malaysia's matriculation system is admitted by various Universities overseas.Below here is the list:

Universiti di United Kingdom
University of Bimingham
University of Nottingham
University of Surrey
King’s College London
University of Manchester
University of Southampton
University of York

Universiti di Australia
University of Sydney
University of New South Wales

Universiti di New Zealand
University of Auckland
University of Wellington

Universiti di Indonesia
Universitas Sumatera Utara
Universitas Andalas
Universitas Airlanga
Universitas Gadjah Mada

Quoted from http://www.moe.gov.my/bmkpm/index.php/sektorunit/38-udhl/113-senarai-universiti-luar-negara

Therefore,don't be afraid to get in matriculation because of the status of recognition!Study matriculation is better because is one of the short-cut to get into Malaysia's local universities.Well,you can check out your application status in the mean time.Check out more details on:http://scholarshipages.blogspot.com/2010/04/matriculation-application-session.html

Results For JPA's Japan, France, Middle East programmes are out!

Still remember the post ''Important Dates to Remember for JPA PILN Scholarship 2010 '' by Scholarshipages ?Well,if you are applying  for Japan, France, Middle East programmes which the results will be out by 3rd week of April 2010,watch out from now.The jpa admin may phoned you if you're shortlisted for it.
But don't be  sad if you not even received the call from JPA.There may be second batch.This is the first batch which will receive the call.Afterall,there are various scholarships to apply and suits you.So,check out Scholarshipages for more details,and we wish you good luck for that.Please share your INTEC experience with us if you get shortlisted for that.

Thanks for danialaiman provide this information on recom's forum:
Hey, just got a call from JPA telling me to register at INTEC this sunday. I applied for France Engineering. So happy right now. Thank God.. ^_^

Quote from Recom forum pages: http://recom.org/forum/showthread.php?t=10482&page=2

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Khazanah Global Scholarship 2010


The Khazanah Global Scholarship is a prestigious award that offers opportunities for bright and high-achieving Malaysians to pursue Undergraduate and Postgraduate studies at the selected world’s leading universities. In addition, recipients of the Khazanah Global Scholarship are provided with leadership training and job attachment at leading organisations in Malaysia.

The training, job attachment and exposure, and the facility to gain professional experience at leading corporations in the world represent opportunities that we provide in our quest to nurture our scholars to realise their potential to become Malaysia’s future business and industry leaders.

The duration of the scholarship will be for the full course of study, as stipulated in the offer of admission, subject to Yayasan Khazanah’s terms and conditions.

The scholarship is open to all Malaysians planning to pursue or are currently pursuing undergraduate or postgraduate studies at the world’s top universities (only) including those in the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia.


For those who are planning to pursue or currently are pursuing undergraduate or postgraduate studies at premier universities at United Kingdom, United States and Austalia.

General Terms and Conditions
Posses strong leadership skills and active participation in extra-curricular, social or voluntary activities
A personal statement (for undergraduate study) or a research outline (for postgraduate study) will be required.
Applicants must have consistence and outstanding academic achievement record as follows:
For Foundation Studies
Obtained a minimum of 8 1A in the recent SPM examination
Not exceeding 18 years of age as at the enrollment date for the foundation studies

For Undergraduate Studies
Obtained a minimum 3A’s, 1B for A-Level
Obtained a minimum of 3.50 CGPA for Bachelor’s Degree
Obtained admission to pursue or currently pursuing studies at renowned universities
Not exceeding 21 years of age as at the enrolment date for the degree programme

Master Degree
Obtained a minimum of Second Class (Upper) Degree (Hons) for Bachelor’s Degree
Obtained admission to pursue studies at renowned universities
Not exceeding 40 years of age as at the enrolment date for the Master programme

Obtained a distinction or ‘A’ grade average or equivalent (if there is a point system) at Masters level
Obtained admission or currently pursuing studies at renowned universities
Not exceeding 40 years of age as at the enrolment date for the doctorate programme

Field of Study
Actuarial Science
Moleculor Biology
Food Technology
Genomics Bio-technology
Micro Electronics
Material Science

Closing date for application is on 28 March 2010.

For inquiries please call
+603 2727 6850 or
+603 2727 6851 or email us at yk@khazanah.com.my.

Another choice-Kolej Komuniti

Do you know anyone who really didn't do well in SPM? Please ask them to consider Kolej Komuniti. They can get a certificate and use it to enter into a Diploma program into Politeknik. With Politeknik Diploma they can enter IPTA to do a Degree. Please advice them do not give up hope.SPM results were not the end of the world. Apply for Kolej Komuniti here -http://www.bpkk.edu.my/pengambilan/?lang=my&id=1&mnu=1

Check your status for Yayasan TM scholarships

Results for Yayasan TM scholarships is out now!If you're shortlisted for the interview,you will see this message appears in the system.

Remember to key in your IC number in the format xxxxxx-xx-xxxx, or else nothing will show.
They have updated thier system today. You can check again whether you are chosen to go for the bengkel. Scholarshipages wish you good luck here!
Check your scholarships status here:
or muka depan:
En. Firdaus Fuad 03-22401598
Cik Norliana Yunos 03-22400653
Cik Maslini Rehan Fuad 03-22415177
En. Khairul Izam Kamsiran 03-22401582
Pn. Rohana Abu Hanipah; 03-22401580
Masalah Teknikal / Sistem

En. Abdul Salam Musa 03-22401273
Pn. Noraini Mansor 03-22401744

Those lucky ones who are going to go for the bengkel, please be prepared for the essay test.

For those who didn't get particularly the non-bumi, don't be sad as Telekom scholarship especially the overseas one is very difficult to get. There are the other scholarships around.Search for them in Scholarshipages now!

BNM Scholarship Award 2010

Bank Negara Malaysia Scholarship is now open for Malaysian students who wish to study at local or foreign universities.

Bank Negara Scholarship is categorised as follows :
Pre-University Scholarship Scheme,
First Degree Scholarship Scheme
Post Graduate Studies.

Financial Engineering
Actuarial Science
Banking and Finance
Corporate Finance
Islamic Banking and Economics
Shariah Law
Information Technology


Pre-University or Overseas Prepratory Programme
Passed the 2009 SPM examination with at least 8 As
Not exceeding 19 years old of age on 1 July 2010
Good command of the English language, both written and oral
Flexible, versatile and posses high teamwork capabilities
Excelled in both extra-curricular activities and sports

Sponsorship to pursue Bachelor Degree (Honours) at foreign universities will be extended subject to meeting the approved criteria.

First Degree (Honours)
Diploma / Matriculation – Cumulative Grade Point Aggregate (CGPA) of at least 3.50 ; or
Australian Matriculation – TER of at least 85% ; or
American Foundation Program – SAT1 score of at least 1200 ; or
For candidates currently pursuing First Degree – Current CGPA of at least 3.50
Passed SPM with credits in Bahasa Melayu and English subjects
Not exceeding 25 years of age on 1 July 2010
Have confirmed or will be offered a place to pursue a First Degree in 2009 at recognised local or foreign universities
Good command of the English language, both written and oral
Flexible, versatile and posses high teamwork capabilities
Excelled in both extra-curricular activities and sports

Students who are currently pursuing a First Degree (Honours) at recognised local and foreign universities are also eligible to apply.

Master’s Degree and PhD
Obtained a First Class (Honours) Bachelor / Master’s Degree or equivalent from recognised local and foreign universities
Will pursue courses that will add value to the roles and functions of Bank Negara Malaysia
Not exceeding 30 years old for Master and 35 years old for PhD as at 1 July 2010
Passed SPM with credits in Bahasa Melayu and English subjects
Have confirmed or will be offered a place to pursue Master’s / PhD in 2010 at recognised local or foreign universities

Post graduate students who are currently pursuing Master’s or PhD at recognised local or foreign universities are also eligible to apply.

How to Apply

Apply online at official scholarship application page.


Pre University : 7 days after announcement of SPM results
First Degree/Master’s Degree/PhD: 14 March 2010

For more information, please visit Bank Negara Portal.

Yayasan TM Scholarship 2010

Yayasan TM invites qualified students of Malaysian citizen with excellent academic achievement, pleasant personality, active in co-curricular activities and have strong vision to excel to apply for its scholarship to pursue higher education at both local and overseas universities.

Type of Scholarship

Scholarships offered are in areas of engineering, management and information technology studies at the following:
Overseas Preparation Scholarship
Pre-university Scholarships at Multimedia University
Diploma Scholarship at Multimedia University
First Degree Scholarships at Multimedia University and Local Public Universities
Offered Institute:

Multimedia University (MMU), Local Public Universities, Top universities at overseas (UK, US, Spain, Singapore

Field of Study:

Electrical, Electronic, Commuication, Software, Multimedia, Information Technology, Computer Science, Human Resources, Marketing, Economy, Law, Business Administration, Accounting

Requirement for Overseas Preparation Scholarship:
For SPM 2009 leavers only
At least 8As in SPM including 5 compulsory subjects listed at below

Requirement for Pre-university Scholarships at MMU:
For SPM 2009 leavers only who want to pursue study at MMU
At least 4A- and 1B for the compulsory subjects listed at below

Requirement for Diploma Scholarship at Multimedia University:
For SPM 2009 leavers only or
Registered as student at MMU or
Currently studying at MMU
At least B in all compulsory subjects listed at below or
At least CGPA 3.00

Requirement for First Degree Scholarships at Multimedia University and Local Public Universities:
Open for Diploma / Matriculation / MMU foundation / STPM or equivalent leavers
Passed STPM and Grad A in Pengajian AM or
CGPA 3.00 Not exceed age of 22 for Diploma / STPM or
Not exceed age of 20 for Matriculation / MMU Foundation or equivalent leavers

Compulsory subjects for Engineering / IT course:
Mathematics, English, Additional Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry / ICT / Engineering subject

Compulsory subjects for business course:
Mathematics, English, Additional Mathematics, Science / Physics / Chemistry, Perdagangan / Ekonomi Asas / Sejarah / Prinsip Akaun / Geografi

How to Apply:

You can apply via online at TM Foundation.


The closing date for applications is on 23 March 2010

For details visit Yayasan TM

The UEM Group Scholarship

The UEM Group Scholarship offers scholarships to support the national objective of creating elite scholars and serve as a talent supply chain to develop world-class leaders who are capable of undertaking strategic positions in GLCs.
UEM Scholarships (Overseas)

You will undergo a pre-university programme at Kolej Yayasan UEM (KYUEM) at Lembah Beringin, after which you will proceed to study at a reputable university overseas, notably UK and Australia.

Field of Study

The scholarships are available for any of the disciplines below:
Business Management



Malaysian citizen
Form Five (5) students in 2009
Excellent academic track record in Form 4 & 5, with no less than 7 A+/A in relevant subjects in the SPM examinations.
Proficient in English, hardworking, possess positive personality traits and have an outstanding extra-curricular record.

UEM and Khazanah scholarships

UEM scholarship results are released.The application is closed.

You may check your application status by 12th April 2010
Successful candidates will be contacted via email and phone call.

For Khazanah Global scholarships, only the ones who's shortlisted for the first stage will be called to do the test. It's not online. Successful candidates will be contacted via email and phone call.You may check your application status by 9th April 2010.

The Bank Negara Malaysia Scholarships is out now!

The Bank Negara Malaysia Scholarships results is out now!If you are shortlisted for the interview, you will receive an email from the admin of Bank Negara Malaysia.

So,remember to check your mail box! 

Scholarshipages wish you good luck for your interview.Please share your interview experience here!Thanks in advance.


Head Office
Bank Negara Malaysia
Jalan Dato' Onn
P.O. Box 10922
50929 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 603-2698-8044
Fax: 603-2691-2990

Telex : MA 34137 / MA 34138

Interview with Bank Negara Malaysia Scholarship Recipients

Name: Ammar Faris
Age: 21
Institution: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC)
Course: Computer Engineering
Scholarship awarded: Bank Negara Malaysia

Tell us why you chose that particular body to apply for a scholarship.
My strategy was to apply for as many scholarships as I could. I believe the bodies/companies that I applied to, Bank Negara Malaysia being one of them, have good reputations and funding. Besides, Bank Negara is the Central Bank of Malaysia and therefore makes it a good place to start a career after graduation.

Why apply for a scholarship?
Studying abroad costs a lot of money. Coming from a middle-class family and having a number of siblings, my parents could not afford to pay the expensive four-year tuition fees and other related fees. Why burden your parents when you have the chance to at least try your best to receive a scholarship?

What does it take to be a recipient of the particular scholarship?
I would say that at least to get to the interview stage you have to have a good academic standing (good scores in SPM) plus you have to be active in at least one or two extra-curricular activities and hold one or two leadership positions. Self-confidence, quick and smart decision-making, team work, and great English speaking skills are the vital attributes needed in order to succeed in the interview.

How did you find out about it?
I found out about it through the newspapers and online.

How did you apply for it? (obtained forms online, did you have to pay for the form, etc.)
I applied for it online without paying any fees.

What was the application procedure?
Wait until the application is open (usually right after the SPM results are announced). They will advertise on the website as well as in the main newspapers. Then, go to the link that is provided in the newspapers, or go to their main website (www.bnm.gov.my) and find the link that directs you to the application page. You have to create an account at the application page. Then, you key in your details which include basic information about yourself, your academic grades, extra-curricular and leadership positions, and other relevant details. After that, you submit the information and wait for Bank Negara to contact you if you are shortlisted.

Describe the interview process.
It is a little bit different from MARA and JPA since it has more than just the basic interview component. The Bank Negara interview consisted of four parts – the individual presentation, a group presentation, an interview (three interviewers to one interviewee), and two written essays (one in English and one in BM).

What were your preparations for the interview?
I have attended one or two interviews prior to my Bank Negara interview and thus, I considered that as one of my preparations. Moreover, I did some research pertaining to Bank Negara which included its mission, role and functions and its business areas. Knowing more about the company makes it easier for you if they ask a company-related question(s). Besides, before the interview, I role-played with my friends and family members. I also searched for useful information on the Internet such as interview tips and dress code. Not forgetting my final preparation (the night before the interview) – the outfit that I was going to wear, compiling all my certificates and documents that I was going to bring in a file and directions to the venue of the interview.

During the interview, be sure to…
Be calm and don’t panic. Yes, I felt nervous too. But let me put it this way; the other candidates were also nervous. You just have to try your best. Be sure to address the interviewers/officers accordingly. Make sure that you follow the instructions specified by the interviewers. Smile and be polite always (to everyone).

Be sure NOT to…
Be late. Dress improperly. Show disrespect to the interviewers or your teammates/other interviewees.

Interviewee ethics?
Be punctual! Dress appropriately, address interviewers correctly, don’t sit without asking for permission or without receiving a “please sit” from the interviewers.

Advice for those who don’t get the scholarship.
Chill!!! It is not the end of the world. There are always other scholarships available out there. I advise you to apply to as many scholarships as you can. Make sure you also apply for JPA or MARA since they provide more scholarships which will give you a higher chance of getting one. Besides, you can always apply for a scholarship while studying at local universities. If you are yearning to study abroad, you can try applying after your STPM or Matriculation.

Do take note that it does not matter where you study, what really matters is your education and how you cope and ace it and how it will affect your future.

Matriculation Application session 2010/2011

How to check?

1. Check online at - http://www.moe.gov.my/

2. SMS - MOE> to 15888

3. Call the matriculation division’s helpline at 03-8884 4100 from 8.30am to 4pm on working days.

4.The results most probably would be out on 16th of April.So,watch out!

Intake information and appeal

Registration date for matriculation students is May 10. Offer letters and details will be sent to successful candidates by the respective colleges.

Applicants who qualify but fail to gain entry can appeal online from April 16 to 30.

Results of the appeals will be available from May 24.

Students successful in their appeal will receive offer letters through mail, and are required to register at their colleges between May 25 and 31.

Meanwhile, names of candidates accepted into the two-year programme would be announced on June 3.

Successful applicants are required to register at their colleges on June 14.

Useful Link
Bahagian Matrikulasi - MOE

Sistem Semakan Keputusan Peperiksaan Matrikulasi Online
Peperiksaan Matrikulasi Online Kolej-Kolej Matrikulasi Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia. Isikan USERID anda: Nota: Format USERID: NO.MATRIK + 6 DIGIT terakhir ...

Original Quote from http://apps.emoe.gov.my/semakan_matrik/

Pemohon boleh membuat semakan untuk mengetahui status permohonan ke Program Matrikulasi sesi 2010/2011.
Untuk membuat semakan ini, anda boleh menggunakan :
Nombor Kad Pengenalan atau
Nombor Lembaga Peperiksaan

Semakan Melalui Sistem Pesanan Ringkas (SMS)
Untuk membuat semakan tawaran Melalui SMS :

Program Satu Tahun:

Taipkan MOE (JARAK) MAT (JARAK) NO. KP dan hantarkan ke 15888
Contoh : MOE MAT 760704085973

Calon Rayuan:

Taipkan MOE (JARAK) MAR(JARAK) NO. KP dan hantarkan ke 15888
Contoh : MOE MAR 960704085973

Important Dates to Remember for JPA PILN Scholarship 2010

• PILN results 2010 for admission to Japan, France, Middle East programmes by 3rd week of April 2010

• Registration to Kolej Persediaan (for France and Middle East programmes) on 18th April 2010

• Registration to Kolej Persediaan (for Japan programmes) on 26th and 27th April 2010

• PILN results 2010 for all other programmes by the 3rd week of May 2010

• Registration for all other programmes into Kolej Persediaan on May – June 2010

Form 6 Intake for the year 2010

Form 6

STPM starts on 10 May 2010

Students can check if they are selected from 5 May 2010 on http://emoe.gov.my/

Entry qualification into Form 6 for 2010 - http://www.moe.gov.my/upload/galeri_awam/pemberitahuan/2010/1269241960.pdf

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Another JPA interview tips

Don't be nervous.Stay calm.

Do the interview as if you are having a casual talk with the interviewers.Just roughly talk about for your self-intro.highligh what is your achievement in co-curricular activities in schools.You do not need to go in details but just tell the panel the high achievement and you are active in co-curricular activities.For the year 2010,most of the panel will ask you to give self-intro in Bahasa Malaysia.So,answer in Bahasa Malaysia also.For my experience,i'm nervous to left out some international competition i had participated.but it doesn't matter.They just want you to speak.Be confident what you have done in school.Nothing is weird.Dont have a thinking like you're boosting yourself because you're not cheating anyone,you really had participated in it so don't be afraid to speak.Nothing is weird.For the group discussion,focus your mind,keep thinking about what you can talk on the topics given.If your mind really went blank and you can't really think up a good point,it's ok.You just have to agree with what others say and have a little elaboration on it.

Monday, 12 April 2010

Petronas Educamp Result is out!

Log on to  http://spmonline.petronas.com.my/ if you did apply the Petronas Education Sponsorship Programme before the deadline,19 March 2010.

You will see the announces on the webpage in Bahasa Malaysia version.

Original quote:


Dimaklumkan bahawa keputusan untuk Program PETRONAS EduQuest Camp 2010 telah diumumkan. Sila log in selepas jam 8 malam 9 April 2010.


Sila klik pada pada icon Pemohon Berdaftar.

Masukkan nombor kad pengenalan pemohon (contohnya : 920303030303) dan kata laluan yang sama digunakan semasa membuat permohonan.

Untuk sebarang pertanyaan, sila hubungi 03-2331 2810 atau 03-2331 2165 pada :-

11 April 2010 (Ahad) 9 pagi - 3 petang

12 - 16 April (Isnin - Jumaat) 9 pagi - 5 petang.

Keputusan adalah muktamad dan sebarang rayuan tidak akan dipertimbangkan.

Terima kasih di atas minat anda terhadap Program Penajaan Pendidikan PETRONAS dan Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS 2010.

Translated quote in english:


Please be informed that the decision to Offset Program EduQuest Camp 2010 has been announced. Please log in after hours of 8 pm 9 April 2010.


Please click on the icon applicants registered.

Enter the applicant's identity card number (eg 920303030303) and the same password is used during application.

For any questions, please contact 03-2331 2810 or 03-2331 2165 for: -

11 April 2010 (Sunday) 9 am - 3 pm

April 12 to 16 (Monday - Friday) 9 am - 5 pm.

The decision is final and no appeal will be considered.

Thank you for your interest in the PETRONAS Education Sponsorship Program and the University of Technology PETRONAS in 2010.


1.Follow the instructions.Enter your NRIC number and your password.

2.You will see your application status.You will see it appears as below if you are shortlisted for the eduquest camp:


Anda telah disenarai-pendek bagi mengikuti PETRONAS EduQuest Camp.

Anda dikehendaki menghadiri Program PETRONAS EduQuest Camp seperti berikut :

Tarikh:11 - 12 April 2010
Lokasi:Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS
Tronoh, Bandar Seri Iskandar, Perak

Adalah juga dimaklumkan bahawa anda telah di senarai-pendek untuk mengikuti program berikut:

Program:Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS
Kursus:[Kursus yang ditawarkan oleh UTP]

Sila rujuk kepada lampiran Surat Panggilan Program PETRONAS EduQuest Camp dan Panduan Penyertaan, Akujanji dan Senarai Semak untuk maklumat lanjut.

Dimaklumkan bahawa kehadiran adalah wajib, kegagalan menghadiri program di atas sebagaimana yang ditetapkan akan mengakibatkan permohonan anda ditolak. Sila bawa bersama slip bank CIMB sebagai bukti bayaran yuran proses RM20.00 untuk serahan kepada Urusetia semasa pendaftaran Program PETRONAS EduQuest Camp.

Surat Panggilan Program PETRONAS EduQuest Camp *   

Panduan Penyertaan, Akujanji dan Senarai Semak *

( *Attention : Please print out all the documents required and bring them for registration) 

3.Print out all the documtns required.Follow the instructions in the documents.You will have to print out 2 sets of documents and make sure you get all the documents certified before put them in 2 separated envelopes.

Add ons/Enquires:

If you have any enquires or problems please call: 

PETRONAS Sponsorship
(03-2331 2277)

UTP Admission
(05-368 8407 / 8156 / 8345 / 8359)

Monday-Sunday (9 am- 5 pm)

Petronas Education Sponsorship Programme


The oil and gas industry today is a highly competitive, fast moving arena where the risks are big, access to resources is limited and technology is a game-charger. As a FORTUNE Global 500 company, Petronas continues to invest in developing a workforce of highly-capable leaders to rise to the challenge of sustainable development, for the industry and for the nation.

Through Petronas Education Sponsorship Programme, we offer education loans to outstanding candidates interested in pursuing undergraduates programmes at Universiti Teknologi Petronas or foreign universities/branch campus in Malaysia.

Degree Programs


To qualify, you must have sat for the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) examination in 2009 and achieved excellent results. You must also demonstrate strong personal qualities such as leadership, drive and teamwork. Shortlisted candidates will undergo the PETRONAS EduQuest Camp for final selection.

Sponsored Programmes
1. PETRONAS Education Scholarship Overseas Programs

Petronas Education Scholarship Overseas programmes are mainly for those pursuing Engineering, Applied Science, Business Management and Economics. Under the programme, scholars will pursue their pre-university programmes (A-Levels / International Baccalaureate / Australian Foundation / New Zealand Foundation) in Malaysia and must excel prior to pursuing undergraduate studies overseas.

2. Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP) Program

The UTP programme is for those wishing to pursue degree courses in engineering and technology at one of the most prestigious universities in Malaysia. Admission is based on excellent SPM qualifications. Under this programme, students are required to follow and pass the Foundation Programme (1 year) at UTP before proceeding with a Bachelor Programme


Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)
Civil Engineering
Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Petroleum Engineering

Bachelor of Technology (Honours)
Petroleum Geoscience
Business Information System

FOREIGN UNIVERSITIES(Including Branch Campuses in Malaysia)Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)
Chemical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Petroleum Engineering

Bachelor of Technology (Honours)
Bachelor of of Accounting/Commerce/Economics/Finance

How to Apply

All applications must be made online at http://spmonline.petronas.com.my/


The closing date for application is on 19 March 2010.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Jackieknight Yap: JPA scholarship 2010 "story" =.= (8-4-2010)

Well,Just Intro
I know a few new friends there,when i was waiting for my turn to interview.Jackie is one of the friends there(dont misunderstand,my new friends are all guys,no girls ok?).And thanks him for allowing me to paste his experience from facebook and share it here.

I m writing tis because ....boring..==
k, story begin with , once upon a time, there was a princess.........==
back to JPA ...

any mistakes , i wish i could acquire your forgiveness cuz i m writing tis informally and "cincai-ly"

There r 5 days for the interview session this year ....which is fron 5th april to 9th april....
i goin on the 8th at morning 8.00a.m(a.m. stand for afternoon morning) ...=.= cuz the time i being interviewed was alr 12.00 ...haiz

today morning, i woke at 6.00(morning) ...
the funniest is , my brother was the one who woke me as i had ordered him to do so, after he woke me, he talk to me in cantonis, i just answered:' no cantonis pls "....LOL...then the fellow paused a while, then the conversation continue in BM and BI , just a fool la...haha if u all feel comfortable to go tis way ^^, yes u could...

then , of course get my teeth brush b4 i went la....lol....in the car, i switch the radio frequency to Malay FM also just for nothing....when i arrived at the building named MBI....duno why, no feeling of stress or wat la..mayb i know the fact that i will NOT be one of the 1500 (no. candidates to be sent oversea) out of 10400(no. applicants coming for the JPA interview)....

after entering, i straight away go to level 2 .....then we were told to sign our name on the board which there were few name list pasted there....those who din c u name at 1st, dun panic, just review u surat panggilan , if u came on the date the letter stated , then u just wait for the list to be pasted on later, cuz i was like tat...^^....b4 u sign u name on the list, ensure tat tat is u name, and remember which panels are u goin ....IMPORTANT

after tat , we moved as the order from Tuan was given. after tat, if u r the 1st group, for me, i will say congratz to u ...^^, i m not sure hw other will feel about tat, for me, it is great to be the 1st group to be interviewed.

i m the last group....tat mean ....== wan tidur semula liao...fortunately , the other candidates over there were talkative , they r richard , lcd, ong, ammar and yen mun,(the name do not arrange according to level of frenship....i feel nice to meet u all !!! anyone i left feel free to complain ...haha )so , get uself into the conversation and u will feel better, converse in BM and BI,....

3 hours passed, we were finally called to submit our clear folder to the handsome guy to check for the document (sijil kelahiran ibu bapa,diri yang asal, pengesahan pendapatan, semua benda yang disenaraikan dalan surat panggilan ) and the coco certs....

* the interviewers WILL NOT SEE ALL U CERTS cuz u won't bring into the interviewing room

we were given number then, i m number 2 ^^ .....yen is no. 1 , mus hold no.3, richard is arranged as no. 4 and ammar is no.5....after tat , we were asked to sit on the chairs tat in front of the interviewing room...the chair tat i sat, is a bit cacat ....==..... lol...

then we have "relax talk " with each other in front of the interviewing room, really happy to meet them ^^.....as they willing to cooperate to produce a relax situation...talk about movie, dance, music hobby....haha

after the group b4 us had came out, they were giving us their last support ^^ by shaking hand.....

after i went in , i kept pulling my lips like McDonald all the time ^^ , then the interviewers also smile to us....

Memperkenalkan diri anda dalam BM, jawapan anda mesti mengandungi:

nama sekolah
later belakang keluarga
pendapatan keluarga
aktiviti koko yang disertai dalam sekolah
jawatan diambil
kursus yang dipilih
kenapa ?
siapa yang memberikan ilham / dorongan ?
negara mana yang ingin dimohon ? kenapa ?
Adakah anda akan balik semula ke MALAYSIA dan menyumbang tenaga kepada RAKYAT MALAYSIA ? Bagaimana ?

*sekiranya pihak JPA menukarkan kursus yang anda pilih, adakah anda akan menerima ?
*sekiranya pihak JPA menukarkan negara yang anda pilih, adakah anda akan menerima ?
*sekiranya pihak JPA hanya menawarkan biasiswa kepada anda untuk belajar di dalam negara , adakah anda akan menerima ?
(i m not sure whether the interviewers wana evaluate u firm standing or u flexibility , for me , they din ask...haha....of course , u can answer logically and commonly.....but REMEMBER, to show u r unique, tis is one of the way u can show !!! )

then , the interviewers gave a topic for us to discuss (i hardly remember the whole sentence for the topic but wat i state here is just the idea of the discussion tat we were given)

"what do u think that girls are more excellent than boys in academic as the top 30 SPM 2010 students are mostly female? how can the government balance it ? in fact , the government has given equal access opportunities to the malaysian student irrespective of gender, race, religion, the colour of the skin "

then we were asked to discuss in 2 versions which is BM and BI.

after the discussion,we were asked to place our seat to the original position, then the next question was:

If the scholarship will be given to any one of u, who do u think he/she is deserved ? why ?
*if u try to recommend uself, think twice b4 u said. u can tell if u really different from other, and recommend uself in a CREATIVE way !!!

Then , the session has almost come to the end, the interviewers will ask whether we have any questions to throw back to them ....lol....normally the candidates will ask, hw the scholarship r given la...and blah blah blah..(by ke$ha !! nice song)

we went out after saying bye bye to them.
the interviewers are nice, there are 3 of them, one indian man(always attack us one) , one malay man (very gentlemen ^^ i like him) and one malay women (also a nice women ^^) , so , dun be feared of them.

after tat , we r feeling totally relieved !!!! As wat a normal homosapiens will do, which is, give our last support to the next team ....by ONLY handshake also =.=.....haha

dun try to be arrogant, be natural, if u wana boost u impression to the interviewers, use creative, and humorous way !!!

smile NATURALLY all the time and keep looking confident

nod u head when u agree with others statements / opinions / views and points.......(this to show u r humble)

don't try to memorize thing, just know wat the contents u have to tell is enof ^^

The answer for the questions, erm..... u can just comment if u think u need aids to answer the questions....^^
BECAUSE the only way to create a creative answer, is by only answering the question uself

have u ever heard of

"give a man a fish, u feed him a day; teach a man to fish, u feed him for life" ?

THANK for taking u precious time to read my STORY ^^
Rating ? do facebook has such thing ? lol
leave a comment ? i m always happy whenever there is a comment ^^
report it ? haha dun do tat la..blek...

^^ i hope i could be on the plane flying to FRANCE and further my study !!! as well as others whether to those who r applicants SPM 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 ,......onwards? after 2012 still gt ppl ah ? haha just joke, hope all the applicants all the BEST of the BEST

Latest updated group discussion topics tips for JPA interview 2010

1.The jpa’s scholarship should be given based on the financial status or the economic status?

2.There is a research that the male graduates in the universities is decreasing.There are much more female graduates than male graduates nowadays.Please give your opinion and ways to improve the number of male graduates in universities.


4.Global warming affects health

5.how insurance earn money for government

6.measures to reduce negligion of government hospital

7.if we send you torural areas,what will you do?

My personal JPA's interview experience 2010

Venue:Majlis Perbandaran Ipoh
Subject applied:Teknologi Maklumat/ICT

Today is my interview day--8.8.2010.it's at 8morning.I reached the majlis perbandaran
building at about 7.30am.The journey to ipoh has never been so ….,u know what I said,because I normally went to ipoh with my family to travel,or have some wedding dinner,etc.never been encountered in my life—went there for INTERVIEW.indeed,this is first time in my life for such serious interview,I think.My heart was pumping upside down.

Well,as I stepped down from the car,there’s an guy,taller than me I think.he’s with his day,oso just stepped down from the car.His dad is even taller,kinda like European guy.i think he’s like Indian guy,but I guess he’s completely pure Indian.the first impression I saw his dad was,I had an idea that he is one of the panel.but I was wrong,he was a parent,came with his son for interview.the son automatically shook my hand,I was shock because I don’t know him at all.later,I wished him good luck.

I entered the ground floor.there is a section where parents were not allowed to go in.i followed the guard’s instruction,went to the second floor.There were too much interviewee using the elevator,so we went up using the emergency path.I was relieved and felt better after I saw my friends from the same school,like winson,khai wei,huey ling,juo yin,and hong chian.we went up to the second floor,checking our names there,but my name and two of my friends name were not there in the name list.the person incharge ask us to wait for a while.so we went down ground floor again,search for toilet.the toilet at the ground floor was locked,so we went up second floor again,after asking the guard that there are toilets available at the second floor.

After we went to toilet,we came across a guy who’s sitting at the registration area,and the guy ask us to check our names again.yeah,we found our name’s there.so,there are 5 panels for my day.different panel,they have different rooms for interview.so,don’t be surprise if you found out that the second panel have to go up till the ninth floor!for me,I’m lucky enough to stay on the same floor.

I was in the third group.so,for two hours,we chat with our new friends there.exhanging ideas on how the questions may asked,and the current issue.(we even exchange our facebook!)well,I did know new friends there,two of them are from ipoh,and the other one is from gunung rapat.so,hong chian and me sat together and chat with the 3 new guys we just know.at first,we thought we were in the same group.but,after the second group came out from the interview room,we only discovered we were not in the same group.hong chian and me were the same,but not the other 3 guys.it’s such rather down because we plan to cooperate when the panel shoot at us.(haha…)well,my new group consisting of two guys,and 3 girls.one of my friend from st,george,he’s in the second group.i managed to catch some opportunities to ask some questions from my friends who were out of the interview room.

First,greet the panels.good morning,selamat pagi..etc.I saw one of the interviewer,and the whole group,I was the only one,greeting him with tamil—kalleh varnekem.maybe this is one of the advantage for going ns!haha…the first thing was Introduction .the panels will give the guidelines like yourself,names,family background,koko activities and course applied and the reason for applying the course.The first Chinese girl started off.i think she’s quite tensed,and so am i.she introduced herself,and the family background.blahblah blah…I cant remembered quite well cause I’m tensed at that time!i planned to shake hands with the interviewers,but cant!because there’s a big round table in front of us,we cant reach them.the first girl applied for applied science,and she applied for PIDN,not PILN.so,it went on for the second girl,which is also Chinese.she applied for tourism.she did quite well for her introduction,and she was tensed too.she applied for tourism.in between when the girls talked,I listened to them,planning what am I going to talk,and I nodded my head to agree with them.through this,I managed to calm myself down magically.it was my turn as I was the third person to make self –intro.i uses malay as it was required.’’Salam sejahtera kepada panel dan rakan2 yang baru saya kenali kat luar.Salam 1 malaysia.Nama saya lim chip dong.masa kat plkn saya lebih dikenali sebagai lcd,nama samaran saya.saya tak kisah kalau panggil saya lcd’’I make my self-intro quite well,and I’m confident for my self-intro.I talked about family background…and koko activities,in the aspect of badan beruniform,club and socities and sports.but I was to nervous that I left out for the competition –including the web designing competition and essay writing competition.i went on to my course.why I apply for IT.i gave two reason,the first one is because I am really interested in computer.(you have to really been interested to the course you’re applying for.you cant just memorize the course u wanna studied and the reason why you studied.it’s too dangerous as you will be too tensed to forget all your points.Ns do trained my BM quite well.thanks to it.)I gave some examples like I love to creating websites(it’s true,no lie at all.please be sincere when you gave the reason)I learned some basic html language by myself by reading up
some books.so the interviewer asked me whether can I create software or not.i answered none,I’m more fond of creating webpages.and he asked do you have a blog.this time,my answer is ‘’YES’’.
(tips:don’t answer yes if you cant really do the things.they will shoot at you with questions!dont forget,they’re professionals and you cant fool the panels.do answer yes for what you know.My advice is,be honest when answering questions.dont keep answer yes,even you cant do it,just to get the scholarships.so take up some hobbies and read up articles related to your course.it helps.and most importantly,you’re interested in what you ‘re applying for.no pressure from others like parents.the future is in your hand.think carefully.have the enthusiasm with it and you’ll success.)
The second reason I gave was related to the government’s policy.i talked about the governments are releasing some very exciting policy related to the field of IT recently.and it’s a great potential to study IT.

I’m too nervous again,to left out the third reason,regretted.

The panel did ask me some questions,like are you going to study local if not given overseas scholarships?my answer is yes,as long as I can solved my financial problems of the family.but I still prefer to study overseas.and the panel didn’t shoot me for this questions.they also ask me some other things like,what country do you prefer to go?i answered US.my first choice is US,and luckily the jpa offered US for me also.then they asked why?i answered, relate it to the apple ipad.US is advanced in IT.we can see that some crazy apple fans are willing to sleep in the tents,which they set up outside the apple stores,just to buy ipads.the panels asked about the same thing,if occurring in Malaysia.i am conscious enough for apple ipads and iphones.because I’m one of the crazy apple fans. =) I answered,well,ipads still haven’t being sold in Malaysia.this time,the other panels answered,no,I mean apple iphone.i said’’this situation don’t happened in Malaysia.but the IT field in US growth tremendously,it’s not only the governments who’s doint the job.this requires the cooperations from the private sector also,and the publics.

(for my interview,the panels ask mainly in BM,I mean,for my questions.)

My self-intro was over.beside me was a Indian girl,who’s applied for accounting.she did make a quite well reasonable answer for her family economy status.she said that her family already sent her brother abroad,so her family cant afford to send her overseas again.)but I believe what she said is sincere,and please again,please don’t give this reason if this does not happen in you family.be sincere to yourself.explain the truth happening in the family.face your conscience and you should not feel a sense of guilty after all if you tell the truth.

The last interviewee is my friend,hong chian.he applied for civil engineering.he talked less but the interviewer do give th chance for you to express your opinion.so don’t worry,be relax.

Later,the panel ask us,IF you are given the chance to choose,only one of you will be sent for PILN.you can choose yourself,or your friend.but you scholarships will be dropped,changed into PIDN.what’s your choice?the girl applied for PIDN does not required to answer the question.so,only four of us are answering.

I chose the girl beside me,who applied for tourism.i don’t want to express myself too selfish.i cares for others,and actually I do.the girl is so tensed so I pity her,yeah.i related my points with malaysia’s potential in tourism industry,and the kuala sepetang’s mangrove forest.then it’s the Indian girl’s turn,she chose herself,giving reasons like economy problems.and hong chian too,he chose himself because he’s confident that civil engineering will contribute greatly for the country.And both of them kena teruk for choosing themselves.the panels shoot them with questions like there are many accountant and civil engineers in Malaysia.so why should you deserve this?and the panel even questioned the Indian girl,like many economy crisis is caused by accountant because they’re doing the fake accounting work.so…..blahblahblah.In conclusion,my advice is,be firm to defend your points when you choose youself,when answering this type of questions.You must have a strong proof that you really deserved for the scholarships.

The panels went for the second section—open discussion.I did quite poor for this part.i’m expecting them to ask questions like are you willing to go to rural areas to serve or current issue.Well,they didn’t ask.they asked us to sit in semi-circle.they threw out a statement,it sounds like this:what is your opinion and research,claiming that the patriotism among youngsters are declined.I thought the panels are giving time like 2 minutes for us to discuss among ourselves.But it happened too badly.i only managed to answer a few things,just like add ons.i’m not giving any points for this questions.the girls were dominating it.LOL,I just do too bad in this part.

The interview was over.it just happened too fast,and I thought that they will continue and I will be able to express my ideas.this don’t happen,anyway.the panels did give us some time to ask question.and we knew that we’ll be able to see our results online on the 12th of may.the interview ended here.

Thanks to all recomers,I get myself prepared from the articles shared.and thanks to my friends too,for sharing their experience during the interview.also,I appreciated your help and support much.Thanks!hope all of us good luck!

General: Interview Tips

1.Dress well

Clothes give the most important “first impression” that you present; therefore, it is all-important to look smart and presentable. And by that, I don’t mean dress as if you were to go clubbing. These interviewers will usually work in an office environment, and they will be used to being surrounded by people dressed in smart blouses or dress shirts. You will not make a good impression if you show up in your faded and torn, super-super-low Levi’s. For girls, knee-length skirts or dark trousers with covered-toe shoes and a loosely fitting button down shirt would be the best bet. Baju kurung would also be a good option, as most offices in Malaysia encourage their employees to wear the traditional Malay garb; however, don’t go all out and wear your special, once-a-year-only baju kurung kerawang with gold trimming. Simple clothes work best. For guys, it’s relatively easy. A nice dress shirt with trousers and black shoes, and a tie if you’re feeling particularly spiffy. Also be conscious of your entire appearance. Too-long, unkempt hair or too many facial piercings may be distracting to an interviewer.

2.Do Your Homework

Maybe you breezed through college and have been able to “wing it” better than most, but when it comes to job interviews, if you don’t spend time doing your homework, it could cost you the offer.

If you want to make a favorable impression, take time to research the organization, the industry in which it belongs, and even competitors. Doing a simple “Google” search on the organization, or looking at their corporate website to learn more about the staff, can provide you with valuable information and give you a ton of leverage.

3.Other First Impressions

There's one thing that interviewers usually look out for and that's your handshake. By shaking your hand, the interviewer can make a decent guess about your character. A firm handshake, with a good grip, denotes confidence while a weak handshake denotes the opposite (of course). But, I'd advise not to overdo it. Firm handshake, but no longer than about 2-3 seconds. If not, you might seem a bit overzealous. So, yeah, handshakes do count and are a pretty good indicator of your confidence level.

Another thing that most people tend to overlook is your walking style. Do you timidly trotter into the room (check out the alliteration - haha), march military style into the room or stride into the room? A good walk, positive, head up and facing the world is usually a good sign. Slouching, dragging your feet, and a very slow walk won't be much good. The cliche term "Keep your head up" is a really useful term though. So, stride into the room, all guns blazing, head up and give your interviewer a firm handshake. Show him or her that you mean business.

4.Just Be Yourself

Now that we've gotten the first impressions out of the way, let's sit down and talk. Over drinks, or over notes that I am scribbling. For 15 minutes, or for 3 hours. In a sterile office environment, or in McD's Bangsar, or next to the pool in a condominium complex. I might be taping your reasons WHY you want to attend The Ivy University of So-and-So, or I might be making ambiguous "Uh-huh." or "Of course." comments, while filing my nails and yawning from time to time.

Interviews are all different, but each one you attend will have one constant: you. No matter what the environment or the interviewer is like, this is essential - you must always be yourself.

When I say "be yourself" I don't mean speak to the interviewer as you would speak to your buddies. He/She is NOT your buddy; they are a figure of authority and should be treated with respect and deference. What I mean by "be yourself" is to speak decisively, to clearly state what you mean and not to lie just because lies sound better than truth, and to be SINCERE.

If you really do not enjoy math, please do not cover up by proclaiming effusively your love for triple derivatives. Instead, be sincere about what you do like - art, chemistry, history, business - do not apologize for who you are because your acceptance into a college will be based on who you represent yourself as in the interview.

I know this sounds obvious, but when you are nervous and do not really have any idea what to say in an interview, you tend to err on the side of untruth. The interviewer may ask "Why do you want to do Economics? Do you like Math?" and, thinking about the fabulously low score you got on your last Math test, you blurt out "Yes!! I've always been very good at Math!!" And what would you say after that? Absolutely nothing - because you honestly do NOT like Math, you HATE it. How can you elaborate on your untruth? You would end up sounding insincere and unpassionate about your "dream" or "interest".

In situations like this, the best thing to do would be to calmly say "I don't really like Math that much, but I do enjoy the theoretical workings of economics and thinking about its application. I would love to work on public economy and government policy - which is the reason why I'm interested in the Econs major."

In a nutshell - don't try to be the perfect interviewee, because there is no such thing. You are different and unique in your own right, and the most perfect you can be is yourself.


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