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Saturday, 8 May 2010

Public Service Department:Graduate scholars who study abroad are not allowed to delay for returning back to Malaysia

2010-05-06 18:30
(Putrajaya) Public Service Department (JPA) announced that all access to government scholarships for students studying in a foreign country, regardless of any department studying after graduation for any reason to delay no longer be allowed to return.
Internship after graduation to return to Malaysia
When the director Tan Sri by Si Maia pointed out that students enrolled in government funded medical, dental and pharmaceutical systems, both holders of government scholarships or study loans to return to Malaysia after graduation internship (housemanship).
He stressed that the department more than the students, the return service, still have the opportunity to continue their studies, attend specialist or sub-specialty.
He explained, the authorities decided to amend the policy, mainly because not all aspects of support, and then allow them access to government-funded students return after graduation delay, after all, study the specific areas that require these professionals to come back.
As students apply for study loan to study abroad, according to Si Maia changes in policy when the letter pointed out that regardless of any school department, still can apply for delayed return, as to whether the application is approved will depend on the government's decision.
He also said that this organization will further strengthen the control students to report, to repay loans.
And other partners to complete their studies is a reason
Prior to this, all receive government scholarships to study abroad medical and dental departments or the Department of Pharmacy students, allowing students to continue studying after graduation specialist, or wait for the partner to complete their studies and so grounds for delayed return.
For this, according to Si Maia When stressed that the Government never allow any government-sponsored students studying abroad during the marriage.
"Unless the government allows, or the risks associated with the regulations, otherwise all sponsored students must comply with the regulations set by the Government, including the immediate return home requirement."
He pointed out that government agencies have been married or have partners of international students are still studying the issue of such notice, stressed that the Government has not allowed them to wait for partners to complete their education grounds for delayed return.
Sin Chew Daily ‧ 2010.05.06

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