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Thursday, 20 May 2010

Evidence and proves on updated JPA's PILN results

Many Recommers and my Facebook friends are worried about the latest news released by JPA.They seemed to be unbelievable and express their doubt about the post "Attention!Latest news on JPA's PILN! " We Scholarshipages understand what are they worrying about since there have been many rumours and false alarm in the web about JPA's PILN recently.However,Scholarshipages don't release rumours!We will only post the news if it is a confirmed news,vice versa.We have two evidence that prove this is a confirmed news.

We took a screenshot from Esila portal,and this is how it looks:

                 (Click to enlarge the pic)

Many students may ask "Why I can't see the updates on Esila portal since others can?"
Well,this probably relates to the browser.What browser are you using?The Esila portal works the best with Firefox and Internet Explorer.This is what quoted from Esila portal's footer:
Sesuai dengan paparan 1024 x 768 pixel menggunakan FireFox dan Internet Explorer 
Thus,it is advised not to use other browser such as Safari,Google Chrome and Opera.But Scholarshipages found out that Esila portal works well with the latest Opera browser,and it depends on the end-user computer.

The third evidence is latest updated news from the most prestigious Chinese newspaper-Sin Chew daily.The below webpage text is translated from original page: http://sinchew.com.my/node/161423?tid=1

JPA's PILN results will be announced on 21th of May‧Applicants are advised to check it online

(Kuala Lumpur) 2010 study abroad scholarship program (PILN) applications, the results will be Friday (May 21) announced that applicants log on public services by promoting the website of Bureau of admission list.

Public Service Department director of public relations Michael Charles Du Sima today (Thursday, May 20) on the Sin Chew Daily said the project is scheduled to be in the first 3 weeks in May announced the exact date has been set at Friday.

"Some applicants may list for admission to Thursday worry about are not yet available, we do not fear to tell the applicant to apply the results will be released Friday."

Home Lin Mouguo one from Kedah people of Middle School students to the "Sin Chew Daily" complaint, he, after obtaining the Diploma in Education in Malaysia, overseas studies scholarship on the application, applicants are told that public services must always log on our web site, to check result of the application.

"I am the first website for a while and found notices posted to the Website that the results will be in May for the first 3 weeks announced this week is 5 months, 3 weeks, but it has come Thursday, I would not worry what variable. "

No one answered the hotline call

He also said that he call the hotline number 03-88853049 listed online inquiries, but no one calls the other end answered.

"Sin Chew Daily" reporters after trying to dial the number, after playing a few times before they are answered.

Answer the call of duty, officials said overseas studies scholarship program management unit has been told to apply the results published in the Friday.

No time to answer the call shortage

"But we sure are released in the morning or afternoon, we wish to apply on their own login to our website."

Phone no answer for the question, she said, because it is the hotline, as long as people call, the phone will definitely ring on the other end, but sometimes a shortage of officers on duty no time to answer all incoming calls.

She suggested calling the hotline at the time the applicant can try several times over.

For more information on the application results can be logged http://esilav2.jpa.gov.my/.

Study abroad scholarship to the applicant's achievements, extra-curricular activities, interview performance and family background for the audit considerations.

Scholarships for overseas studies are required in the December 31, 2009 aged 18 years (preparatory classes for the 19-year-old), Diploma in Education for the 2009 school leavers in Malaysia, and obtained excellent results, it is necessary to attend an interview.

Sin Chew Daily ‧ 2010.05.20

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  1. Some applicants may list for admission to Thursday worry about are not yet available.scholarship



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