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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Hong Kong overseas scholarships:Scholar can get 80,000 Hong Kong dollars for each year

(Kuala Lumpur) Hong Kong SAR Government Secretary for Education Michael Suen said Hong Kong set up a one billion Hong Kong dollars in the education fund for the Hong Kong and overseas students to apply, foreign students can get scholarships for 80,000 Hong Kong dollars per year (tuition plus living expenses).

He said the HKSAR Government has prepared measures to welcome students from around the world to Hong Kong studies, but also to establish a win-win situation, in order to develop Hong Kong caused by regional education hub.

He Monday (May 17) visit to post-secondary schools through the people, said to reporters, the Foundation in 2009/2010 issued a total of 441 semester scholarships, of which 285 are newly approved, of which 180 are in Hong Kong students, another 105 are overseas students.

"If our students in their own limited circle of exchange, we can not broaden their horizons; We hope that through a number of measures to attract overseas students to study in Hong Kong, Hong Kong and the students will be able to exchange students from different countries, so that the individual perspective and more experience."

"At present, the NPC in Hong Kong to study in Malaysia about 100 or so, Hong Kong and Malaysia in the future in education and more contact."

Yin Rui Ma Hong Kong has hope high school student exchange

Through secondary school principals who had Yin Rui hope in the future with the Hong Kong secondary school students exchange programs for students to open their horizons.

"At present High School and also a long-term follow Singapore, Taiwan, China and Australia for student exchange programs."

He said Hong Kong Education Bureau's visit was mainly to understand the education system and the independent Chinese school to learn English model, and in the classroom and group direct interaction with students.

"They learn about the lives of students, the preparation of the studies and ideas, while University of Hong Kong's development."

More independence in the post-graduate students to Hong Kong

He said that compared to the past, more and more independence in the post-graduate students to select Hong Kong, and these excellent students in Hong Kong has a very good performance.

Mr Suen has 16 members, led by the Ministry of Education Private Education Section of the arrangements to visit Malaysia.

Arranged along three of 40 high school students and the Hong Kong delegation to group communication.

Sin Chew Daily ‧ 2010.05.18

Translated from original page: http://sinchew.com.my/node/161100?tid=1

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