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Saturday, 15 May 2010

Another option to study Music -- ICOM

Engineering,Medicine,Pharmacy and others are common options for SPM leavers to choose for.What about music?Further your studies in music field?Uncommon?Well,Scholarshipages is going to bring our readers who are interested to pursue music studies,to reveal the mystery in music industry.Maybe you are wondering now,''what are the prospects for a career in music?Do I have a bright future if I study music?''Our answer is certainly,''YES!''Why?Because the music industry in the region is growing steadily every year and the need for qualified musicians is always in demand. From Arrangers, Engineers, Performers and Executives, the music industry is looking for graduates who have the formal training and creativity to contribute to the growth of the industry.
Scholarshipages is going to introduce this music college for you,ICOM(International College of Music).International College of Music (ICOM) is the premier college of contemporary music in Malaysia and the Asian region offering formal education in contemporary music, audio production and music business at an undergraduate level.You may access this webpage to get more information about the admission of  ICOM:  http://www.icom.edu.my/html/admissions/admissions.php

ICOM's Website

New Intakes
Registration           :5th July 2010
Class Commencing:12th July 2010

Application deadline
International Students:31st May 2010
Malaysian Students   :31st May 2010

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