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Friday, 4 November 2011

Yale-NUS College Admission

Just received this email from Yale-NUS College in Singapore and we are so excited to share this information with our readers. Quoted from the email:

"Dear Prospective Students, Parents & Friends,

Greetings from Yale-NUS College!

For those of you taking the GCE A-Level examinations, we know that you are currently in the midst of exam preparation, and wanted to drop you a note to wish you all the best for your papers!

We also want to share some exciting news about Yale-NUS. Our Admissions team has been talking to many of you at various points throughout this year at our events and school visits, and realized that there were some key questions that constantly came up about applications and admissions! So we’ve updated our website with these popular FAQs, such as:

Is there a magical set of courses, grades and essay topics that will guarantee admission to Yale-NUS?
Who should write my teacher recommendations?
Which Round of Admissions should I apply in?

Whenever you need a break from studying, take a moment to check out the updated FAQs page at: http://yale-nus.edu.sg/Admissions-and-Financial-Aid-FAQ.html

We have also lined up a fabulous series of events for you starting in January next year. These include our very first Yale-NUS College Open House, a public seminar by an amazing Yale professor who will be receiving one of the first endowed professorship positions at Yale-NUS College (stay tuned to find out who), and more! Full details will be released in our next email, together with information on how to register for these great events.

Again, for those who are taking your examinations, good luck and all the best!"


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