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Sunday, 16 May 2010

Sin Chew Education Fund:Over hundred students received scholarship total amount up to RM9,000,000

  (Petaling Jaya Selangor ‧) entered the 7th session of the "Sin Chew Daily Education Fund", today (Saturday, May 15) won the national response to the 30 tertiary institutions and support, provide value to more than 9 million ringgit scholarship degree, so that over a hundred family is poor and deserving students to complete higher education dreams.
2009/2010 7th Sin Chew Daily Education Fund scholarship ceremony Saturday morning at the "Sin Chew Daily" total community hall, the participation of representatives of tertiary institutions, award-winning students and their parents are present testimony.

As in previous years, applicants response, this year more than 1,000 applications were received letters, scholarships are also re-high total, breaking 9 million ringgit, and in the professional jury after the assessment, a total of over a hundred students were successful in obtaining scholarships.

City University Scholarship up to RM940 000

Sin Chew Education Fund for the first time, the City University College is to provide the maximum amount of college scholarships, that up to 939,560 ringgit, a total of 28 courses for the application.In addition, INTI University College, first of its kind this year to provide Chinese medicine, physical therapy and medical experiments program scholarships.

On the other hand, the University of Southern College and Raman studies were in Chinese language and Chinese literature graduate scholarships for students to apply for the cultivation of Chinese talents fully. Baron Institute is the only legal course of tertiary institutions, namely, law degree, University of London external law degree courses and the University of Tasmania (3 +1) double application for a scholarship program.

Sin Chew Daily Education Fund since its inception in 2003, more than 10 million ringgit has been allocated for scholarships to hundreds of students to high academic achievers in need of assistance.

Saturday scholarships to attend the ceremony include Sin Chew Media Group executive director and chief executive officer Xu Chun Sin Chew Daily, Sin Chew Daily editor Boya Lie, Sin Chew Jit Poh, General Manager (Information Technology) Qiutian Xiong, Sin Chew Daily Education Fund assessment Ru Zhao Liang, Chen Yukun and the National Council of the National Type Chinese secondary school principals and others made on behalf of Ya.

Xie Nianfang: Sin Chew with the complementary goal of capacity building for vulnerable groups

Sin Chew Jit Poh, general manager (corporate public relations and business promotion) Xienian Fang said that the purpose of Sin Chew Daily Education Fund and the Government's objective of improving education, which aims to help vulnerable groups in national capacity building through education, to enhance skills to improve the quality of life.

She pointed out that since taking office Prime Minister Najib Razak, Malaysia introduced a concept of the effectiveness of the national key programs areas and a number of major government restructuring plan, and education is focused on the areas of government.

"One of the government restructuring program to enhance national education, registered in the e-kasih poor students, the Government does not receive tuition assistance to more than 150 ringgit."

Adult education pilot talent

Xie Nianfang in 2009/2010 7th Sin Chew Daily Education Fund scholarship ceremony speech, said Sin Chew Daily Education Fund, the principle of "pilot education, adult talent" concept in the arm to help the needy high school students in goods, so that they can continue their studies, achieve their dreams and ideals.

"Sin Chew Daily and also further enhance the corporate image of the education sector partners, shall reflect the emphasis on spirit, carrying the poor and disadvantaged groups, care, and to help upgrade the educational level of cultural institutions."

Encourage students to study hard

Congratulations to those who get scholarships to pursue her preferred college to students and encouraged them to study hard and strive to seek knowledge and positive self-enhancement, in order to return after graduation to parents and teachers, but also contribute to the community, contribute to the country.

"We have always believed that education is to change the world, change the personal fate of the most powerful weapon."

Xie Nianfang also praised the college vision, and plays with Sin Chew Daily "education pilot, adult talent" role in society by more talented people to help move the country into the ranks of high-income countries, and hope to continue to cooperate with the college, make this meaningful event to host go.

Guo Qiufeng (Sunway University College, Senior Public Relations Manager): every year sponsored

Since the "Sin Chew Education Fund" set up, we have sponsored an annual full tuition scholarships for students to apply, we have a sense of Xiexie Fu Foundation's sponsorship in order to provide these scholarships to poor students.We provide a total of 15 this year, including tourism, hotel management, accounting, information technology scholarship program, hoping to really help the needy students.

Wei Yan by (Dalchamp Academy of Fine Arts): A great activity

We offer four scholarships this year, mainly in the mass media, advertising design, fine arts, commercial illustration and so on.I feel Sin Chew Education Fund is a great set of activities, can help to needy students to study.

We have a separate college within two scholarships awarded through the art competition winners selected a full scholarship, and in the Malaysian Diploma in Education students obtained good results, considering their family background, we will also give discounts on tuition fees.

Bo Huifen (Taylor University College, Director of Student Affairs): contact students at all levels

Through the "Sin Chew Education Fund", we can reach more, from all levels of students, and to draw these people into our schools, and that all scholarships awarded solely on the internal Institute is impossible to achieve.

We provide a total of 4 copies of this year, the amount of up to 200,000 ringgit of scholarship, mainly in quantity surveying, tourism, computer technology, a 3-year course.

Cai Shanfen (UCSI University of fund managers): the school have access to sufficient information

"Sin Chew Education Fund" in the administrative arrangements to do very detailed, but also on the schools to assist in the taking of a student, let the school have access to sufficient information, but I understand that the scholarship winner in the past, schools have very good performance.

To assist needy students, we have prepared five million ringgit, as the scholarship money, and we issued the scholarship through the Education Fund will student achievement, family background, behavior, etc. to consider.

Dr. Xu Yunbiao (Wanda International Dean): To assist students

Through the "Sin Chew Education Fund", we can moderate success, but the family was poor and providing support to students, outstanding student achievement, after all, a lot of opportunities, but is the result of the students the opportunity is very limited, but they are also due to family problems The difficulties faced by further studies, a great need for scholarship assistance.

Through this fund, we can provide assistance for these students so that they can continue their studies and contribute to the community after graduation, but this time we also provide 20 covers engineering, computer, design, business of the department to apply for scholarships to students .

Dr. Yang Xuanbao (Vice-Chairman Raman University): Help the needy students

Sin Chew Education Fund, which has the scholarship winner, the university has a very good performance, the scholarship is also grateful to them, and we also agree that students need to bring for the help, this year offers 10 courses from a number of scholarships to these students.

Chen Po Chu (President of Sunway College Johor Bahru): solve the problem student life

Sin Chew Education Fund in setting up a nice report card since the surrender of the successful provision of assistance to many poor students, through this fund and we have to give these students opportunities of hope after graduation, be able to contribute.

I suggest that, for some families, particularly poor students, apart from fees will be facing problems, will still face difficulties in life, may be able to help them find business, Geren sponsors, Jie Jue Sheng Huo problem students, so that they can concentrate.

2010.05.15 Sin Chew Daily ‧ 2010.05.15

Translated from original page: http://sinchew.com.my/node/160797?tid=1

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