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Monday, 26 April 2010

Top 10 reasons for select IMU for medicine

1. You can’t get into a local universities. UM, UKM, UPM,……. You need perfect score of STPM of 5A, 4A
2. You don’t want to go other private medical school
3. You want to do a twinning program, to UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand
4. IMU is the most established private medical school in Malaysia. Yup, IMU is 15 years-old.
5. IMU is the”CHEAPEST” private medical school. Yes, despite, the latest tuitions fees is around RM333 for those to who complete the program locally. Other Manipal, Penang Medical College cost a lot more. Anyway, you can try PTPTN (HREF) for financing.
6. You scared of seeing cadaver. IMU is using plastic modal for the study of anatomy. There is no dissection.
7. You don’t want to go to Russia, Ukraine, India, Indonesia for your medical studies.
8. Your results not good enough for local medical school
9. You are a UEC scholar (independent Chinese School examination). Yes, IMU welcome UEC students. They do it quit well in the school
10. After-all, IMU have pretty strong academic staffs. Many of them were retired professors from Local Universities and ministry of health
11. IMU have a very good website. Http://www.imu.edu.my
12. You want to become a doctor as soon as possible. Yes, you can try this route. SAM for 1 years, IMU for five years. You can become a doctor at age of 23/24.
13. You had missed the change of study medicine. Now you felt like you have the desire to save the world, you think you can be a better doctor than the GP who speed 1 minutes for the consultation. Then you can choose IMU or other colleges to realizing your dream.

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