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Thursday, 8 April 2010

Jackieknight Yap: JPA scholarship 2010 "story" =.= (8-4-2010)

Well,Just Intro
I know a few new friends there,when i was waiting for my turn to interview.Jackie is one of the friends there(dont misunderstand,my new friends are all guys,no girls ok?).And thanks him for allowing me to paste his experience from facebook and share it here.

I m writing tis because ....boring..==
k, story begin with , once upon a time, there was a princess.........==
back to JPA ...

any mistakes , i wish i could acquire your forgiveness cuz i m writing tis informally and "cincai-ly"

There r 5 days for the interview session this year ....which is fron 5th april to 9th april....
i goin on the 8th at morning 8.00a.m(a.m. stand for afternoon morning) ...=.= cuz the time i being interviewed was alr 12.00 ...haiz

today morning, i woke at 6.00(morning) ...
the funniest is , my brother was the one who woke me as i had ordered him to do so, after he woke me, he talk to me in cantonis, i just answered:' no cantonis pls "....LOL...then the fellow paused a while, then the conversation continue in BM and BI , just a fool la...haha if u all feel comfortable to go tis way ^^, yes u could...

then , of course get my teeth brush b4 i went la....lol....in the car, i switch the radio frequency to Malay FM also just for nothing....when i arrived at the building named MBI....duno why, no feeling of stress or wat la..mayb i know the fact that i will NOT be one of the 1500 (no. candidates to be sent oversea) out of 10400(no. applicants coming for the JPA interview)....

after entering, i straight away go to level 2 .....then we were told to sign our name on the board which there were few name list pasted there....those who din c u name at 1st, dun panic, just review u surat panggilan , if u came on the date the letter stated , then u just wait for the list to be pasted on later, cuz i was like tat...^^....b4 u sign u name on the list, ensure tat tat is u name, and remember which panels are u goin ....IMPORTANT

after tat , we moved as the order from Tuan was given. after tat, if u r the 1st group, for me, i will say congratz to u ...^^, i m not sure hw other will feel about tat, for me, it is great to be the 1st group to be interviewed.

i m the last group....tat mean ....== wan tidur semula liao...fortunately , the other candidates over there were talkative , they r richard , lcd, ong, ammar and yen mun,(the name do not arrange according to level of frenship....i feel nice to meet u all !!! anyone i left feel free to complain ...haha )so , get uself into the conversation and u will feel better, converse in BM and BI,....

3 hours passed, we were finally called to submit our clear folder to the handsome guy to check for the document (sijil kelahiran ibu bapa,diri yang asal, pengesahan pendapatan, semua benda yang disenaraikan dalan surat panggilan ) and the coco certs....

* the interviewers WILL NOT SEE ALL U CERTS cuz u won't bring into the interviewing room

we were given number then, i m number 2 ^^ .....yen is no. 1 , mus hold no.3, richard is arranged as no. 4 and ammar is no.5....after tat , we were asked to sit on the chairs tat in front of the interviewing room...the chair tat i sat, is a bit cacat ....==..... lol...

then we have "relax talk " with each other in front of the interviewing room, really happy to meet them ^^.....as they willing to cooperate to produce a relax situation...talk about movie, dance, music hobby....haha

after the group b4 us had came out, they were giving us their last support ^^ by shaking hand.....

after i went in , i kept pulling my lips like McDonald all the time ^^ , then the interviewers also smile to us....

Memperkenalkan diri anda dalam BM, jawapan anda mesti mengandungi:

nama sekolah
later belakang keluarga
pendapatan keluarga
aktiviti koko yang disertai dalam sekolah
jawatan diambil
kursus yang dipilih
kenapa ?
siapa yang memberikan ilham / dorongan ?
negara mana yang ingin dimohon ? kenapa ?
Adakah anda akan balik semula ke MALAYSIA dan menyumbang tenaga kepada RAKYAT MALAYSIA ? Bagaimana ?

*sekiranya pihak JPA menukarkan kursus yang anda pilih, adakah anda akan menerima ?
*sekiranya pihak JPA menukarkan negara yang anda pilih, adakah anda akan menerima ?
*sekiranya pihak JPA hanya menawarkan biasiswa kepada anda untuk belajar di dalam negara , adakah anda akan menerima ?
(i m not sure whether the interviewers wana evaluate u firm standing or u flexibility , for me , they din ask...haha....of course , u can answer logically and commonly.....but REMEMBER, to show u r unique, tis is one of the way u can show !!! )

then , the interviewers gave a topic for us to discuss (i hardly remember the whole sentence for the topic but wat i state here is just the idea of the discussion tat we were given)

"what do u think that girls are more excellent than boys in academic as the top 30 SPM 2010 students are mostly female? how can the government balance it ? in fact , the government has given equal access opportunities to the malaysian student irrespective of gender, race, religion, the colour of the skin "

then we were asked to discuss in 2 versions which is BM and BI.

after the discussion,we were asked to place our seat to the original position, then the next question was:

If the scholarship will be given to any one of u, who do u think he/she is deserved ? why ?
*if u try to recommend uself, think twice b4 u said. u can tell if u really different from other, and recommend uself in a CREATIVE way !!!

Then , the session has almost come to the end, the interviewers will ask whether we have any questions to throw back to them ....lol....normally the candidates will ask, hw the scholarship r given la...and blah blah blah..(by ke$ha !! nice song)

we went out after saying bye bye to them.
the interviewers are nice, there are 3 of them, one indian man(always attack us one) , one malay man (very gentlemen ^^ i like him) and one malay women (also a nice women ^^) , so , dun be feared of them.

after tat , we r feeling totally relieved !!!! As wat a normal homosapiens will do, which is, give our last support to the next team ....by ONLY handshake also =.=.....haha

dun try to be arrogant, be natural, if u wana boost u impression to the interviewers, use creative, and humorous way !!!

smile NATURALLY all the time and keep looking confident

nod u head when u agree with others statements / opinions / views and points.......(this to show u r humble)

don't try to memorize thing, just know wat the contents u have to tell is enof ^^

The answer for the questions, erm..... u can just comment if u think u need aids to answer the questions....^^
BECAUSE the only way to create a creative answer, is by only answering the question uself

have u ever heard of

"give a man a fish, u feed him a day; teach a man to fish, u feed him for life" ?

THANK for taking u precious time to read my STORY ^^
Rating ? do facebook has such thing ? lol
leave a comment ? i m always happy whenever there is a comment ^^
report it ? haha dun do tat la..blek...

^^ i hope i could be on the plane flying to FRANCE and further my study !!! as well as others whether to those who r applicants SPM 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 ,......onwards? after 2012 still gt ppl ah ? haha just joke, hope all the applicants all the BEST of the BEST

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