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Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Another JPA interview tips

Don't be nervous.Stay calm.

Do the interview as if you are having a casual talk with the interviewers.Just roughly talk about for your self-intro.highligh what is your achievement in co-curricular activities in schools.You do not need to go in details but just tell the panel the high achievement and you are active in co-curricular activities.For the year 2010,most of the panel will ask you to give self-intro in Bahasa Malaysia.So,answer in Bahasa Malaysia also.For my experience,i'm nervous to left out some international competition i had participated.but it doesn't matter.They just want you to speak.Be confident what you have done in school.Nothing is weird.Dont have a thinking like you're boosting yourself because you're not cheating anyone,you really had participated in it so don't be afraid to speak.Nothing is weird.For the group discussion,focus your mind,keep thinking about what you can talk on the topics given.If your mind really went blank and you can't really think up a good point,it's ok.You just have to agree with what others say and have a little elaboration on it.

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