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Thursday, 8 April 2010

My personal JPA's interview experience 2010

Venue:Majlis Perbandaran Ipoh
Subject applied:Teknologi Maklumat/ICT

Today is my interview day--8.8.2010.it's at 8morning.I reached the majlis perbandaran
building at about 7.30am.The journey to ipoh has never been so ….,u know what I said,because I normally went to ipoh with my family to travel,or have some wedding dinner,etc.never been encountered in my life—went there for INTERVIEW.indeed,this is first time in my life for such serious interview,I think.My heart was pumping upside down.

Well,as I stepped down from the car,there’s an guy,taller than me I think.he’s with his day,oso just stepped down from the car.His dad is even taller,kinda like European guy.i think he’s like Indian guy,but I guess he’s completely pure Indian.the first impression I saw his dad was,I had an idea that he is one of the panel.but I was wrong,he was a parent,came with his son for interview.the son automatically shook my hand,I was shock because I don’t know him at all.later,I wished him good luck.

I entered the ground floor.there is a section where parents were not allowed to go in.i followed the guard’s instruction,went to the second floor.There were too much interviewee using the elevator,so we went up using the emergency path.I was relieved and felt better after I saw my friends from the same school,like winson,khai wei,huey ling,juo yin,and hong chian.we went up to the second floor,checking our names there,but my name and two of my friends name were not there in the name list.the person incharge ask us to wait for a while.so we went down ground floor again,search for toilet.the toilet at the ground floor was locked,so we went up second floor again,after asking the guard that there are toilets available at the second floor.

After we went to toilet,we came across a guy who’s sitting at the registration area,and the guy ask us to check our names again.yeah,we found our name’s there.so,there are 5 panels for my day.different panel,they have different rooms for interview.so,don’t be surprise if you found out that the second panel have to go up till the ninth floor!for me,I’m lucky enough to stay on the same floor.

I was in the third group.so,for two hours,we chat with our new friends there.exhanging ideas on how the questions may asked,and the current issue.(we even exchange our facebook!)well,I did know new friends there,two of them are from ipoh,and the other one is from gunung rapat.so,hong chian and me sat together and chat with the 3 new guys we just know.at first,we thought we were in the same group.but,after the second group came out from the interview room,we only discovered we were not in the same group.hong chian and me were the same,but not the other 3 guys.it’s such rather down because we plan to cooperate when the panel shoot at us.(haha…)well,my new group consisting of two guys,and 3 girls.one of my friend from st,george,he’s in the second group.i managed to catch some opportunities to ask some questions from my friends who were out of the interview room.

First,greet the panels.good morning,selamat pagi..etc.I saw one of the interviewer,and the whole group,I was the only one,greeting him with tamil—kalleh varnekem.maybe this is one of the advantage for going ns!haha…the first thing was Introduction .the panels will give the guidelines like yourself,names,family background,koko activities and course applied and the reason for applying the course.The first Chinese girl started off.i think she’s quite tensed,and so am i.she introduced herself,and the family background.blahblah blah…I cant remembered quite well cause I’m tensed at that time!i planned to shake hands with the interviewers,but cant!because there’s a big round table in front of us,we cant reach them.the first girl applied for applied science,and she applied for PIDN,not PILN.so,it went on for the second girl,which is also Chinese.she applied for tourism.she did quite well for her introduction,and she was tensed too.she applied for tourism.in between when the girls talked,I listened to them,planning what am I going to talk,and I nodded my head to agree with them.through this,I managed to calm myself down magically.it was my turn as I was the third person to make self –intro.i uses malay as it was required.’’Salam sejahtera kepada panel dan rakan2 yang baru saya kenali kat luar.Salam 1 malaysia.Nama saya lim chip dong.masa kat plkn saya lebih dikenali sebagai lcd,nama samaran saya.saya tak kisah kalau panggil saya lcd’’I make my self-intro quite well,and I’m confident for my self-intro.I talked about family background…and koko activities,in the aspect of badan beruniform,club and socities and sports.but I was to nervous that I left out for the competition –including the web designing competition and essay writing competition.i went on to my course.why I apply for IT.i gave two reason,the first one is because I am really interested in computer.(you have to really been interested to the course you’re applying for.you cant just memorize the course u wanna studied and the reason why you studied.it’s too dangerous as you will be too tensed to forget all your points.Ns do trained my BM quite well.thanks to it.)I gave some examples like I love to creating websites(it’s true,no lie at all.please be sincere when you gave the reason)I learned some basic html language by myself by reading up
some books.so the interviewer asked me whether can I create software or not.i answered none,I’m more fond of creating webpages.and he asked do you have a blog.this time,my answer is ‘’YES’’.
(tips:don’t answer yes if you cant really do the things.they will shoot at you with questions!dont forget,they’re professionals and you cant fool the panels.do answer yes for what you know.My advice is,be honest when answering questions.dont keep answer yes,even you cant do it,just to get the scholarships.so take up some hobbies and read up articles related to your course.it helps.and most importantly,you’re interested in what you ‘re applying for.no pressure from others like parents.the future is in your hand.think carefully.have the enthusiasm with it and you’ll success.)
The second reason I gave was related to the government’s policy.i talked about the governments are releasing some very exciting policy related to the field of IT recently.and it’s a great potential to study IT.

I’m too nervous again,to left out the third reason,regretted.

The panel did ask me some questions,like are you going to study local if not given overseas scholarships?my answer is yes,as long as I can solved my financial problems of the family.but I still prefer to study overseas.and the panel didn’t shoot me for this questions.they also ask me some other things like,what country do you prefer to go?i answered US.my first choice is US,and luckily the jpa offered US for me also.then they asked why?i answered, relate it to the apple ipad.US is advanced in IT.we can see that some crazy apple fans are willing to sleep in the tents,which they set up outside the apple stores,just to buy ipads.the panels asked about the same thing,if occurring in Malaysia.i am conscious enough for apple ipads and iphones.because I’m one of the crazy apple fans. =) I answered,well,ipads still haven’t being sold in Malaysia.this time,the other panels answered,no,I mean apple iphone.i said’’this situation don’t happened in Malaysia.but the IT field in US growth tremendously,it’s not only the governments who’s doint the job.this requires the cooperations from the private sector also,and the publics.

(for my interview,the panels ask mainly in BM,I mean,for my questions.)

My self-intro was over.beside me was a Indian girl,who’s applied for accounting.she did make a quite well reasonable answer for her family economy status.she said that her family already sent her brother abroad,so her family cant afford to send her overseas again.)but I believe what she said is sincere,and please again,please don’t give this reason if this does not happen in you family.be sincere to yourself.explain the truth happening in the family.face your conscience and you should not feel a sense of guilty after all if you tell the truth.

The last interviewee is my friend,hong chian.he applied for civil engineering.he talked less but the interviewer do give th chance for you to express your opinion.so don’t worry,be relax.

Later,the panel ask us,IF you are given the chance to choose,only one of you will be sent for PILN.you can choose yourself,or your friend.but you scholarships will be dropped,changed into PIDN.what’s your choice?the girl applied for PIDN does not required to answer the question.so,only four of us are answering.

I chose the girl beside me,who applied for tourism.i don’t want to express myself too selfish.i cares for others,and actually I do.the girl is so tensed so I pity her,yeah.i related my points with malaysia’s potential in tourism industry,and the kuala sepetang’s mangrove forest.then it’s the Indian girl’s turn,she chose herself,giving reasons like economy problems.and hong chian too,he chose himself because he’s confident that civil engineering will contribute greatly for the country.And both of them kena teruk for choosing themselves.the panels shoot them with questions like there are many accountant and civil engineers in Malaysia.so why should you deserve this?and the panel even questioned the Indian girl,like many economy crisis is caused by accountant because they’re doing the fake accounting work.so…..blahblahblah.In conclusion,my advice is,be firm to defend your points when you choose youself,when answering this type of questions.You must have a strong proof that you really deserved for the scholarships.

The panels went for the second section—open discussion.I did quite poor for this part.i’m expecting them to ask questions like are you willing to go to rural areas to serve or current issue.Well,they didn’t ask.they asked us to sit in semi-circle.they threw out a statement,it sounds like this:what is your opinion and research,claiming that the patriotism among youngsters are declined.I thought the panels are giving time like 2 minutes for us to discuss among ourselves.But it happened too badly.i only managed to answer a few things,just like add ons.i’m not giving any points for this questions.the girls were dominating it.LOL,I just do too bad in this part.

The interview was over.it just happened too fast,and I thought that they will continue and I will be able to express my ideas.this don’t happen,anyway.the panels did give us some time to ask question.and we knew that we’ll be able to see our results online on the 12th of may.the interview ended here.

Thanks to all recomers,I get myself prepared from the articles shared.and thanks to my friends too,for sharing their experience during the interview.also,I appreciated your help and support much.Thanks!hope all of us good luck!

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