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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Samling Scholarship and Bursary Programme

Scholarship and Bursary Programme
Nurturing Future Leaders
To enrich the talent and skills force in the countries in which we operate, we grant annual scholarships to students with outstanding academic credentials and leadership potential.
Since the scholarship programme began in Malaysia in 2000, we have provided over RM1.17million to about 43 students attending local universities who pursued studies in areas relevant to our forestry operations.
We are also planning to expand our support through a bursary scheme. More flexible than a scholarship, the bursary programme reaches out to a wider group young people, ranging from school leavers, students from low income background, to those admitted to special institutions for disability-related reasons.
The scholarship application requires the following documents (either in soft copy or hard/duplicate copy) to be sent or emailed to Samling:
  1. Cover letter
  2. Details of full education details and family financial background
  3. Transcript of academic results and relevant certificates
  4. Passport-sized photo
For further details on how to apply, please contact enquiry@samling.com
Text quoted from Samling Global Limited: http://www.samling.com/eng/responsibility/scholarship.htm

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