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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Great Eastern Scholarship Award

Text quoted from Great Eastern website: http://www.lifeisgreat.com.my/lig4/newlig/corporate/c_Scholarship.htm

Scholarship Information
In Great Eastern, we do not just hire people but we also nurture, care and develop them from “small” – even before they begin their journey towards success – for the past 103 years.

Great Eastern Supremacy Scholarship Award is one of the leading programmes in the insurance industry. Life insurance is more than just selling policies; it goes far more beyond that. It provides great life to people in more ways than one. It promotes good health and healthy living. It is about people and meaningful relationships. It protects and secures ahead of life’s circumstances.

Great things happen to our scholars. The professionals from fields like Actuarial Science, Accounting and Finance, Marketing, Agency Development, Training, IT, and Customer Service have found their place and realised their full potential.

Now, it’s your turn!

Closing Date: 30 April 2011

Scholarshipages already converted the PDF file to the image below:

Message from Senior Vice President & Head, Human Capital, Great Eastern Life Assurance Malaysia

Acquiring, caring and retaining workforce of the best calibre is one of the key issues faced by many companies in today’s challenging and fast paced world. Globally, the best talents are quickly grabbed by employers keen to intensify the quality and efficacy of their employees especially in this highly competitive business setting. Even the Malaysian government is trying to bring back talented citizens to the country to explore their expertise, know-how and experience to build Malaysia and become a developed nation by the year 2020.

That’s why it is crucial for a company, like Great Eastern, to keep abreast with its competitors, by utilising the best talent management programmes available. Indeed, a successful venture will place a high priority on the organization of talent pools and the effective regulation of human capital. In this way, the company will be able to choose the right people to recruit, as well as creating a sense of belonging and loyalty amongst them.

At Great Eastern, we take a step further by recognising, selecting, and developing our pool of people through our scholarship award programme which we believe is the best way to gather very talented people with colours of ideas and grow with them even before they flourish. Here, we are not hiring people just to work but we develop them at the very beginning to progress with us – when they grow, the company grows. I wish all applicants for the scholarship program – Good Luck and this one step you take will be your first step to a secured, brighter future.

Thank You.

Nancy Lim, Senior Vice President & Head, Human Capital

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