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Friday, 29 April 2011

KLMU Scholarship from MCA (Malaysian Chinese Association)

KLMU official website: http://www.klmu.edu.my/

Text quoted from http://www.mca.org.my/en/klmu-scholarship/:

MCA Youth has embarked on a five-year collaboration with Kuala Lumpur Metropolitan  University College (KLMU).

KLMU which is part of Cosmopoint pledged RM8 million to deserving Chinese students whose academic results are average thus preventing them from receiving any form of scholarship or entry into local public universities.

KLMU is the first private institute of higher learning to contribute RM 8million to the MCA Youth Higher Education Fund catering to needy students.

There are two (2) types of scholarships available: Full and Partial.

The scholarships will help SPM students with 5 credits and STPM students with a CGPA below 3.0. Priority will also be given to poor students from single parent families.

The RM 8 million pledge is another chapter in MCA Youth’s history of enabling education mobility to more and more Malaysians to pursue further studies via collaboration with private institutes of higher learning.

Courses offered by KLMU:

Click to download application form. Completed application forms must be sent to youth@mca.org.my
The applicants also need to submit:
1. One copy of I/C
2. One copy of SPM result
For more information, please contact MCA Youth Secretariat

Tel No.: 03-2161 8044
Fax No.: 03-2162 6764

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