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Thursday, 19 May 2011

JPA should ensure scholars return

A meaningful article, forwarded from The Star, which is written by a student who is currently studying in University of California, Berkeley.

Source: http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2011/5/16/focus/8689732&sec=focus

I AM a fourth-year student at the University of California, Berkeley, USA, and also a JPA scholar.

While I am thankful for the JPA scholarship, I cannot fail to note the lackadaisical method which JPA employs to ensure that its scholars return home and serve the nation after graduation, especially those who are not in the fields of medicine and law.

Ideally, the JPA scholarship should serve the purpose of harnessing Malaysia’s best talent for the public service of the nation.

But many JPA-sponsored students I know have not returned home upon graduation from overseas institutions.

The story would go like this. The JPA scholar reports to Putrajaya after graduation, and then tries to apply for jobs with the Government. If he does not hear from JPA within 12 months, he is released from his six-year bond.

Indeed, many do not hear from the Government within 12 months.

I have also heard of JPA scholars who genuinely wanted to serve the Government but could not, because JPA was unable to give them any postings.

If JPA does not have enough jobs for its scholars, it should at least ensure that scholars return to work within the country for six years, or else pay back the Government.

For the reasons stated, the JPA scholarship has become much sought after. It is effectively a bond-free scholarship.

This is a far cry from scholarships awarded by corporations such as Petronas, Khazanah and Bank Negara, which are strict with their scholars when it comes to returning home after studying abroad.

It doesn’t make sense to spend hundreds of thousands of ringgit per scholar and then let them do whatever they want after graduation.

I have had a hard time explaining to those of other nationalities why my scholarship’s bond is pretty much non-existent, despite the fact that so much money is spent by the Government.

Since the incorporation of Talent Corp things may have changed, as there are now more job openings in the private sector for returning scholars.

Petaling Jaya.

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