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Thursday, 19 May 2011

JPA Scholarship applicant can appeal via MIC

Credits to poobalan.com for the article! Another good news for students who want to appeal for their JPA scholarships! While we posted about MCA addresses appeals for JPA scholarships, MIC may be another alternative way for students to appeal for their JPA scholarships. You may want to take a reference about our previous post: How to write a good JPA scholarships Appeal Letter.

Source: http://poobalan.com/eduhelp/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=131:jpa-scholarship-applicant-can-appeal-via-mic&catid=49:spm-leavers&Itemid=69

Just got feedback from MIC. Earlier, Deputy Minister SK Devamany tweeted here and here about receiving many appeals and will be compiling them. Then got feedback from MIC Higher Education Bureau facebook page on the contact info:
Kindly contact Mr.Prakash Rao 0122343949 , Mathava Rao +60169510431 or Mahaganapathy Dass 0122231702 Fax : 0388883363 tq

So, those wanting to appeal, please contact them.

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