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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Axiata Young Talent: Undergraduate Degree Program

Application closing date: midnight, 5th of April 2011

Quoted from Axiata's website(http://www.axiata.com/axiata-ytp/university):

About the Undergraduate Degree Programme

Axiata will sponsor a limited number of deserving young individuals who have gained entry into one of the top universities* in the United Kingdom in the specified course of study. Below is the preferred list for identified courses at the selected universities:
Oxford University
BA Economics and Management
BA Philosophy, Politics and Economics
M Eng. Engineering Science
BA/MMath Mathematics
Cambridge University• BA Economics
M Eng. Engineering Science
BA/MMath Mathematics
London School of Economics
BSc Economics
BSc Econometrics and Mathematical Economics
BSc Accounting and finance
BSc Management
BSc Mathematics with Economics
Imperial College

M Eng. Electrical and Electronic Engineering
BSc/MSci Mathematics
University College London (UCL)
BSc Economics
BSc Economics and Statistics
BA Philosophy and Economics
M Eng. Electronic and Electrical Engineering
BSc/ MSci Mathematics
BSc/ MSci Mathematics with Economics
BSc/ MSci Mathematics with Management Studies
Warwick University
BSc Economics
BA Philosophy, Politics and Economics
M Eng. Electronic Engineering
University of Sheffield
BA Accounting and Financial Management and Economics
BA Business Management and Economics
BSc Economics
M Eng. Electronic Engineering
M Eng. Electronic and Communications Engineering
University of Bristol
BSc Economics
BSc Economics and Econometrics
BSc Economics and Finance
M Eng. Electrical and Electronic Engineering
M Eng. Electronic and Communications Engineering
*this list is based on the Times Higher Education Ranking based on fields of study
Axiata will also accept applications for degrees in Economics, Engineering, Finance, Investment, Law and Arts degrees that are relevant to the telco industry from the following universities:

• University of Edinburgh 
• King’s College London 
• Durham University 
• University of Manchester
• Royal Holloway 
• University of St Andrews 
• School of Oriental and African Studies


The Young Talent Programme will cover the full duration of the university degree, subject to Axiata Group Berhad’s terms and conditions. The programme’s coverage includes all tuition fees, text books, boarding, travel and laptops*. A non-curriculum fund will be provided for students to participate in the school based extra-curricular activities.
In addition to the school related fees, Axiata Group Berhad will also bear the full cost of the Ax-Factor programmes and initiatives.
*Subject to Terms and Conditions


Application for the Young Talent Programme must be submitted to Axiata Group Berhad by the due date.
1. The applicant must be a Malaysian citizen or permanent resident of Malaysia.
2. The applicant must have a conditional offer from one of the listed universities in the types of degrees listed.
3. The applicant must have achieved at least 4 As in STPM, and a forecasted result of ABB in A Levels, 36 points in IB, 99% TER for South Australian Matriculation, a minimum 3.7 GPA for American Degree Programme or a 98% in International Canadian Pre-University.
4. The applicant must be proficient in English, and any other spoken and written languages are favourable.
5. The applicant must consistently display active participation in sports, clubs and societies, and/or the performing arts.
6. The offer is subject to terms and conditions in relation to the student’s performance in academic and extra-curricular activities. Successful candidates will be required to attend further assessments and interviews.

How to apply online:

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